Why You Shouldn’t Use Twitter to Post LinkedIn Status Updates

By LinkedIn Ninja | Branding with LinkedIn

Dec 07

I’m going to hazard a guess here…if you’re using Twitter to send status updates to LinkedIn, you’re probably not spending a ton of time in LinkedIn. That also means that you might not have noticed the small print change to LinkedIn that is harming your social media efforts as a result of the choice you made to try and streamline your social media activity.

History of LinkedIn and Twitter Integration

When LinkedIn first added integration with Twitter, if you pulled tweets into LinkedIn, they became standard LinkedIn status updates. That meant that you could interact with them only as LinkedIn status updates. At that time, LinkedIn didn’t have the “Like” feature so you could only comment or reply privately. Additionally, when it first started the link attachment and pulled in article feeds to status updates, any tweets with such links were just listed as links and the feed wasn’t pulled in.

The next evolution added the ability to adapt your Twitter settings to pull in the feed that LinkedIn saw attached to your link to give it the same visibility as a LinkedIn status update, but it still became a LinkedIn status update with interaction via LinkedIn only. LinkedIn added the “Like” functionality that would allow you to send someone’s status update or tweet out to your entire network’s news feed telling them you “Liked” it.

For a very brief time, we had advanced double integration. When you sent a tweet into LinkedIn as a status update, you could interact with it as Twitter with controls to Retweet, Favorite and Reply AND you could interact with it via LinkedIn with controls to Like, Comment or Share. Interact with both networks directly in LinkedIn!

The Status of Status Updates Today

Now, if you send your tweet into LinkedIn, it stays a tweet. What that means is that there are no controls for your LinkedIn network to interact with the tweet inside LinkedIn. They can only Retweet, Reply and Favorite. No Liking…No Commenting…No Sharing.

THAT MEANS that you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your LinkedIn network to share you and increase your visibility. There are a lot of people on LinkedIn who don’t have Twitter accounts, so you’ve essentially eliminated their ability to help you get the word out and to share your information with their network.

The Solution

If you’re only using LinkedIn and Twitter, then launch your status updates from LinkedIn and you can check the little box to send them out to Twitter. If you’ve tied your Twitter account to LinkedIn and you’re using the mobile app, then the status updates automatically go out to Twitter. If your social media activities include other social networks, then use a social media dashboard that allows you to post to each social network as if it’s an original status update.


So, will this change how you do LinkedIn Status Updates?


About the Author

Crystal Thies has been known as the LinkedIn Ninja since founding her company, Crystal Clear Buzz, in 2009. Although well versed and experienced in all social media, Crystal specializes in the utilization of LinkedIn for sales and business development. As a past financial planner, Crystal is one of the few social media strategists with expertise to work with those regulated by FINRA, the SEC, and IIROC. She is the co-author of “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors” published by Bloomberg Press.