Tout Tuesday on LinkedIn – How Promoting Your Network Helps You Too

I want to kick off what I hope to be a weekly habit of the majority of LinkedIn users – Tout Tuesday. So, what is Tout Tuesday all about? Tout Tuesday is about sharing one person in your LinkedIn network with the rest of your network.

Tout Tuesday LinkedIn Status Update ExampleWho do you Tout? The original concept was that you Touted a client. But, you can also Tout an:

  • employee,
  • coworker,
  • vendor, or
  • anyone who you think is peachy keen!

Every Tuesday, start a LinkedIn status update with, “TOUT TUESDAY,” and describe who you’re Touting and why. Provide a link to their LinkedIn Profile, website or LinkedIn Company Page – whichever is most relevant.

If you’re giving a link to the person’s LinkedIn personal profile, use the link to their Public Profile. Using the public profile link is the only way to pull in the person’s profile picture and name. If you use the link in your browser URL bar, LinkedIn will pull in a feed about logging in to LinkedIn because you have to be logged in to see that URL. So, make sure you use the public profile link.

Although Tout Tuesday is geared towards LinkedIn, please don’t feel free to limit sharing your Tout Tuesday. Feel free to share it on Twitter using #ToutTuesday, post to your Facebook Page or Google Plus Page.

So, why Tout others instead of yourself? First, you’re getting visibility simply by giving a status update. Second, you’re helping someone else, and selflessness is next to godliness. Third, the person you’re helping will likely be interested in helping you to return the favor.

So, I’m asking for your help to get Tout Tuesday started and off the ground on Tuesday, September, 27, 2011. Pick someone in your network and Tout them. Tell the world why you think they are so special and the rest of us should sit up an take notice!

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