Stop sitting on the LinkedIn sidelines because you’re not sure what to do! 

Do you wish someone would finally identify the best strategies for your business that will actually get results?

Make THIS the year you finally get in the game!

I know LinkedIn seems very complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

I know LinkedIn seems like it will take a lot of time. But it doesn’t need to.

With a little guidance and training, you can create a LinkedIn system that works for you.

  • Have you been using LinkedIn for a while but haven’t been successful at getting any new clients?
  • Have you been attending LinkedIn webinar after webinar and all of the training in the world isn’t helping you get any closer to developing a LinkedIn strategy that achieves the results you need?
  • Are you simply tired of trying to do it all by yourself and always questioning if you’re doing it right and feeling like you’re doing it wrong?

LinkedIn is complex; it’s a maze of sales and marketing tools. It’s very easy to get lost in this maze and waste time and money – unless you have a Guide who gives you a map. A LinkedIn Treasure Map!

If If you define your Perfect Prospect based on the content that’s in a LinkedIn Profile OR your clients are B2B, then LinkedIn is the place to be!

55% of decision makers use LinkedIn Content to vet the organizations they work with. (1)

LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation (converting website visitors to leads) than Facebook or Twitter. (5)

80% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective social media platform. (2)

64% of all social media visits to B2B websites come from LinkedIn. (6)

4 out of 5 LinkedIn users drive buying decisions. (3)

The number of LinkedIn Messages has increased x4. The reply rates to LinkedIn Messages have increased 30%. (3)

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. (4)

Only 1% of LinkedIn users post content on a weekly basis = big opportunity. (2)

LinkedIn is a POWERFUL lead generation tool built on a database of over 800 million users that:

  • allows you to conduct detailed searches to find prospects that meet your specific criteria
  • provides you the ability to directly connect or message those prospects to start a relationship
  • gives you tools to cultivate those new relationships and demonstrate your expertise

If you have the relationship building skills to cultivate a cold prospect to a potential client and the sales skills to seal the deal, then LinkedIn is a gold mine!

LinkedIn can be a highly effective lead generation tool when focusing on quality and playing a long game.

The LinkedIn Ninja methodology is ideal for those sales professionals and companies who:

Must build relationships and trust before converting a client; not sell a $50 widget

Understand that the role of LinkedIn is to source potential clients; not convert them

Are not expecting a magic funnel to deliver leads 100% ready to buy with no effort

LinkedIn is the only “social media” that helps you find new clients that doesn’t require the media part. You can have success on LinkedIn without content marketing – if you choose to.

However, the content marketing and communication tools are second to none in social media. So, you are missing out if you don’t use them.

If you want to generate leads through attraction and content marketing, that works too!

That’s the thing…there are many different paths to success when using LinkedIn. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

The HARD PART is figuring out the path that’s best for you.

Lewis Kaplan 

Commercial real estate broker for DK Realty Partners, LLC

"When I wanted to learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively, I interviewed four LinkedIn coaches. Crystal was the one I chose. She communicates things in an easy-to-understand manner, which I appreciate, and I'm in touch with her at least 3 times per month. This keeps me informed on the tricks/tips and the changes in this powerful tool. Crystal provides the framework and the steps to use the tool every day, and I have experienced outstanding results from her wisdom. Thanks to her and her process, I'm happy to say I finally know how to make money using LinkedIn: by helping people get what they want. If you want to maximize the power of LinkedIn for you and your business, Crystal can show you how. After all, she is known as the LinkedIn Ninja for a reason!"

Wendy Jacobson 

Content Writer for Wendy The Pooh Communications

"LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and I always wanted to use it more effectively, but wasn't sure exactly how to do so. Then, I met Crystal and enrolled in her Linkedin Dojo program, and I am happy to say how I approach LinkedIn will never be the same. She and her program have helped me understand things like how to build a powerful profile to build a strong network. She provides the framework and the steps to effectively use the tool every day, and I have experienced tangible results from her wisdom. "

Let me help you create your own custom LinkedIn strategy with the right mix of sales tactics and content marketing for you!

  • Are you tired of static, DIY video training courses?
  • Are you tired of trying to figure out everything all by yourself?
  • Are you tired of looking for the answer to a specific question and finding outdated articles on Google or spending an hour on a webinar and it never gets answered?

The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo is the answer to all your LinkedIn Problems!

The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo doesn’t just include but EMPHASIZES LIVE TRAINING. And it also includes a well-stocked library of on-demand training videos to give you the help that you need when you need to dig deep into a topic.

Some LinkedIn training programs offer lots of videos but leaves you alone to figure it out on your own. Other programs have a lot of unstructured group coaching, but only a small library and very little structured training.

The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo offers the perfect balance of live training and coaching, structured live workshops, AND a well-developed library of on-demand training to help you build your LinkedIn Profile and generate leads with special LinkedIn Ninja systems.


LinkedIn Ninja Dojo

The Elite Training Community for LinkedIn Practitioners

I started the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo in 2018 as a cost-effective way for LinkedIn users at all levels to get the answers they need to their LinkedIn questions in order to help them build effective and efficient LinkedIn lead generation and marketing strategies.

Some of those original founding members are still in the Dojo today!

The Dojo continues to evolve every year to meet the growing and changing needs of our members.

What do you get in the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo?


Get personal guidance and recommendations for your LinkedIn strategy with monthly Hot Seat Coaching.

Stay up to date with all of LinkedIn’s changes and get your questions answered with Ask the LinkedIn Ninja including What the HECK did LinkedIn Change Now!

Monthly LinkedIn Ninja Strategy Workshops! With these workshops, I’ll be sharing the nuts and bolts of specific strategies and systems that you can use in your business.   See the topics below!

2022 LIVE LinkedIn Strategy Workshops

  • The LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System for FREE LinkedIn (January)
  • The LinkedIn Ninja Easy Posting System (February)
  • Leverage LinkedIn Events for Lead Generation and Thought Leadership (March)
  • Using LinkedIn Newsletters to Get in your Prospect’s Email Inbox (April)
  • Get Visible by Commenting (May)
  • More coming…  what new stuff is LinkedIn going to throw at us in 2022?

No need to WAIT! Access On-Demand Training WHENEVER you NEED it!

You’ll have access to in-depth, on-demand video training including:

  • Build a LinkedIn Ninja Profile in 5 Days
  • Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success – 5-day challenge AND quick step-by-step instructions
  • Brand New – Easy LinkedIn Ninja Posting System
  • LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System
  • … and more! All public LinkedIn Ninja training content gets added to the library.

Looking to build your own LinkedIn Lead Generation System? You also get access to the LinkedIn Treasure Map Template that the LinkedIn Ninja uses when clients hire her to create their LinkedIn strategy for them. Simply follow along with the instructions and you’ll be able to build your own system. THEN, take advantage of the Hot Seat Coaching to get personalized feedback to make it even better.

Bottom line… You’ll never be alone again when you join the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo and you’ll always have access to the LinkedIn Ninja herself to optimize your LinkedIn strategy.

As a member of follower of Social Oxygen, I'm excited to announce a special membership rate!

The current monthly price is $67/month ($804 annualized) but Social Oxygen peeps can join for only $47/month ($564 annualized). That's almost 30% savings!

Want to save even more?

The current annual price is $667 but Social Oxygen peeps can join for only $417/year = 37% savings!

Deb Mazzaferro 

Business Coach & Consultant for the Specialty Food Trade

"I've been with Crystal consistently for many years. She's been my guru for what's happening on LinkedIn and how to make the most of its many resources. Don't try to navigate this important B2B resource on your own; use a professional, use Crystal. She stays up-to-date with all the changes that LinkedIn makes which saves you time and the frustration of figuring it out on your own."

Karl Sundstom

Director of Sales, NobleBiz - Contact centre technology

"I was a total beginner, a newbie when it came to knowing how to use and navigate Linkedin. The only reason I ever used it in the past, was for finding a new job! However, through your NINJA training course, I have learned how to use LinkedIn as a great lead generation tool! I would highly recommend your services to anyone who's interested in lead generation, and staying connected to important business contacts."

Join the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo NOW!

BONUSES?!?  We don’t need no stinking bonuses!

Besides… Everything I would add as a “bonus” is ALREADY IN THE LIBRARY! That’s the beauty of the Dojo Library… everything I create that doesn’t belong to a client gets added to the Dojo library! You’ll never miss anything!

I don’t know about you, but I roll my eyes when other trainers offer a huge list of overly valued “bonuses.”

Things that could be promoted as “bonuses” but are already in the library include

DIY LinkedIn Ninja Treasure Map Template and Instructions

LinkedIn Ninja’s Guide to Post Best Practices

LinkedIn Ninja’s Easy Posting System

Define Your Target Market Workbook

LinkedIn Ninja Lead Gen Message Templates

How to Easily and Quickly Connect with Your Email List or CRM Contacts

And more!

You have access to all of the goods I’ve already created and all of the goods that I’m going to create in the future!

Since LinkedIn is CONSTANTLY CHANGING, that means you’ll keep getting the latest strategies, tactics, and systems. The Dojo NEVER goes OUT OF DATE since it’s not a static video course.

Get your hands on these materials NOW! Become a Dojo Member!

How do you learn?

I've designed the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo to work with multiple learning styles.

Do you hate being left on your own to work through a static online training course? Where the "expert" may respond to your question in a Facebook group but they really aren't involved at all?

With two live training sessions per month, you not only have access to the LinkedIn Ninja, but she'll answer your questions and give you personal recommendations on how to improve your LinkedIn strategy.

Do you like to be in control, set your own pace, and access only the training you need when you need it?

The Dojo on-demand library is filled with training videos, guides, lead generation systems, message templates, etc. that you can dive into to find the information you need when you need it. The library is constantly growing as every piece of training content created by the LinkedIn Ninja gets added to the library.

Do you find that you're mostly fine learning on your own or in a group setting, but sometimes need some one-on-one coaching?

Dojo members get almost 50% off the hourly rate to get private coaching from the LinkedIn Ninja.


Do you have other people step in and do the training?

No. The LIVE training is all me and not an underling. From time to time, I invite speakers with other expertise that would support your LinkedIn strategy to join in, but the LinkedIn training comes right from the LinkedIn Ninja’s mouth!

If I select the monthly option, can I cancel?

The month-to-month membership option can be canceled at any time with 2 business days’ notice. There are no refunds, but you will get full access to the program until the month is finished.

What if I buy the annual membership and I’m not happy with it?

You have 30 days to test drive the training. If you attend at least one live training and watch some of the training in the library and you’re not happy with the quality of the training and coaching, you can get a refund. BUT this program is not for looky-loos. You have to actually try the program to qualify for a refund.

Is there any 1:1 coaching time provided each month?

This program does not have 1:1 coaching built in. There is a LinkedIn group where you can ask questions and I provide answers and coaching. 1:1 coaching can be purchased at a discounted rate of $157/hour compared to my standard rate of $297. Every live session has support and the ability to ask questions and get the help you need.

I’m pretty new to using LinkedIn. Is this too advanced for me?

The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo is for LinkedIn Practitioners at all levels. We have in-depth training on my Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success system that is ideal for beginners or those struggling to build a LinkedIn habit. No question is too simple to ask in the live training.

What's a Dojo?

Dojo is the Japanese term for the building where students learn martial arts. In LinkedIn Ninja terminology, it's the digital space where practitioners come to learn how to master LinkedIn to grow their business.

What if I can't attend the Live Training?

All live training is recorded and added to the library as soon as possible after editing and formatting. Even free, live training outside the Dojo gets added to the library. So, you will never miss any of the live training.

When does my Social Oxygen Special Rate disappear?

It doesn't! As long as you maintain your membership, you get to keep your special Social Oxygen rate for as long as you want.

Learn From The LinkedIn Ninja

Crystal Thies has been known as The LinkedIn Ninja since 2010 when her clients and followers gave her the title. The title represents her approach to leveraging the power of LinkedIn for sales and business development and matches the LinkedIn Ninja motto of Precision, Efficiency, Effectiveness. She helps people turn their time spent on LinkedIn into an investment and not a waste.

Her company works with businesses, sales teams, and individuals to provide training, create custom, organic LinkedIn lead generation systems (a.k.a LinkedIn Treasure Maps), as well as implementation of concierge LinkedIn lead generation services that help clients get visible to, connected to, and opening a conversation with their perfect prospects.

Crystal also specializes in the highly regulated industry of financial services and is the co-author of the first-ever book on social media for financial advisors (The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business) published by Bloomberg Press in 2012.