LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation Service

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LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation Service


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The goal of the LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation Service is to get you visible to and connected to target prospects, to open the door for a conversation, and to help elicit sales opportunities. We have developed specific tactics including profile visits, invitations to connect, handling received invitations to connect, and follow up messages, that when done consistently keep your funnel full with sales opportunities. While these tactics are very effective and can be done by anyone, they are also very time consuming. Your time is money, so investing in this system saves you money.

This system is developed for successful, proactive sales people who recognize the value of relationships and interactions but need help getting them started. If you have the sales and relationship skills to start the conversation or get an introduction, and ultimately seal the deal, our LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation Service will provide all of the warm leads you need.

We get the ball rolling by getting you connected and initiating that first engagement. You pick up the ball at that point and develop the relationship. By reviewing your lead list of new connections that we create, you can identify the best strategies that will help you successfully approach awesome prospects. Your sales and relationship skills will be the determining factors of your overall success.

There are different configurations of the tactics to allow for sales professionals and business owners with different needs and budgets to find a solution that works for them. Review the Additional Information to learn more about the options.

What we don’t do… It is The LinkedIn Ninja’s belief that the sales person needs to own the relationship to be most successful. We want these new connections to interact with you and for you to gain the valuable knowledge that comes from the interaction. As a result, we do not reply to any messages or invitations sent on your behalf, we do not set appointments, and we do not interfere with existing relationships. Our focus is quality and not quantity.

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