LinkedIn can be very overwhelming and confusing for those who have yet to master it. 

There are so many different strategies and features that when coupled with the constant changes can leave many wondering what they should do that will really get them results.

Padawan Program

The Padawan Program for LinkedIn Beginners is designed to minimize the overwhelm and get you started implementing those tactics that generate success no matter what your purpose is for using LinkedIn.

The Padawan Program focuses on the LinkedIn Ninja’s Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success System…and nothing else! There will be no questions from intermediate and advanced users that leave your head spinning and not sure if you’re really using the right strategies.

The Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success is a straightforward system that takes only 15-20 minutes per day to implement once you’ve learned it.

The Padawan Program includes an on-demand video training course providing detailed instruction on how to implement the simple tactics in the Baby Steps System. Additionally, a 1-hour live, monthly group coaching is provided to answer questions, clarify confusion, and review your results.

At only $17 per month, you can stay in the program UNTIL you feel comfortable enough to graduate to the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo with the intermediate and advanced members.

Doors to the Padawan Program will open in 2021. To get notified, please complete this form and you’ll be the first to know when doors are opening.

What people say about Baby Steps and the Padawan Program

Julie Goddard

Director of Sales, NobleBiz - Contact centre technology

Crystal Thies’s Baby Steps training is resource-rich, covering a lot of content. Not only did she teach us many ways to leverage LinkedIn, but she also introduced us to tools to make it easier to participate. Crystal is generous with her expertise and her willingness to help individuals succeed is evident.
The recorded training has proven to be helpful time and time again since there is so much information to process at once. The course exceeded my expectations.

Kim Vollbrecht

President, V2 Strategies

Crystal is the guru for business people who want to build more meaningful and profitable connections on LinkedIn. She’s a sought-after speaker, consultant, and trainer, and I found it unbelievable that she offers her Baby Steps training for such a low price. The most important tools I came away with were those that helped me get really clear on the types of companies and people I want to connect with – and how to find and engage with them. If you follow the steps, you’ll quickly see a difference in how new connections perceive you, how current connections engage with your activity, and the quality of new connections you’re able to make. As a result, you’ll quickly move from “having a presence” on LinkedIn to growing your business with LinkedIn.