The LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System

Do you know that there are hundreds of perfect prospects within arm’s reach of you right now on LinkedIn?  The problem that most sales people have is the time commitment needed to find them is too prohibitive.  That’s where the LinkedIn Ninja comes in!LinkedIn Ninja Prospect Search

The money making power of LinkedIn lies in a few places – your 2nd Degree network, group members, and group discussions.

If you knew that a perfect prospect was connected to someone you know well, you’d ask for the introduction, right?

If you knew that an in depth discussion in one of your LinkedIn groups about your area of expertise was happening right now, you’d jump in and participate, right?

If you are in a group of hundreds or even thousands of target prospects and you have free eBook that could benefit them, you’d want to share it with them, right?

Those are the activities that make you money – but they take a lot of time to monitor and implement.  The LinkedIn Ninja can do that for you!

We help you build the right package for your target market, your marketing resources, and your budget!

Options include:

  • Sending personalized invitations to connect to the new people you meet. If you don’t grow your 1st Degree, you won’t have enough prospects for referrals in your 2nd Degree.
  • Setting up and Saving Advanced Searches so LinkedIn emails you new prospects weekly.
  • Reviewing and sending you the best prospects available every week.
  • Inviting prospects to connect or sending them group messages or InMails.
  • Requesting introductions.
  • Monitoring important groups for discussions happening about your area of expertise so that you can participate.


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