Managed LinkedIn Accounts

Fully Managed LinkedIn Accounts

We customize this plan to your goals and needs. Options include:

Farming Tactics

  • Monthly editorial calendar with custom posts planned and scheduled in advance. Content posted to your LinkedIn account is done via a social media dashboard. Status updates can be given to you to submit for compliance approval if necessary.
  • Custom Status Updates with Links to articles on your blog or other industry authority websites. Status updates can also be thought provoking questions, images or comments (or other content determined in consultation with you).
  • Convert custom status updates into a Group Discussion and post in groups. Monitor designated LinkedIn groups for Discussions posted by others on your topics and notify you when they happen so that you can participate.
  • Engage with your network’s status updates. We review your news feed to find posts from your network to ‘Like” or comment on. We can prioritize sharing the content from collaborative and referral partners or centers of influence (those whose network would also consist of your target market).
  • We will set up custom LinkedIn searches for target prospects in the 2nd degree of your network. Each week, LinkedIn will notify you if there are new prospects who meet your criteria. You are now in a position to request targeted referrals and introductions. We can also review and send you the best prospects each week.
  • We can set up your Facebook profile, Facebook Page and Twitter account to also post the custom status updates. (No monitoring or management of those accounts is provided; only the posting of content that is already being posted to LinkedIn.)
  • Implement a social message drip campaign to your connections leveraging content and special offers on your website or landing pages.

Hunting Tactics

  • Reply to or Accept all invitations to connect
  • View set number of target market profiles per business day
  • Review Who’s Viewed Your Profile and invite any target market to connect
  • Invite 2nd degree prospects to connect with personalized message
  • Monitor Followers and invite target market to connect (if writing Pulse articles)
  • Send follow up message toall  new target market connections that we invite or accept on your behalf
  • Send up to Relationship Building Messages to target market connections that existed before we start
  • Send drip follow up messages to new connections
  • Send personal messages with special offers to connections in campaigns
  • Apply appropriate tags to new connections so that you can review and develop sales strategy


* Fully managed accounts require a 12 month contract. 

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