Build Your LinkedIn Profile

Too busy to build your LinkedIn Profile yourself?  

The LinkedIn Ninja can help!

Your LinkedIn presence starts with your LinkedIn profile. Many people attempting to use LinkedIn for sales and business development have “jobseeker” profiles. Not only is a jobseeker profile not going to help you get new clients, it could hurt you. Your clients don’t care about how good you do your job; they care about how you can help them, the products/services you provide, and why they should pick you over the competition. Our LinkedIn profile development creates content for your profile that speaks directly to your target market and compels them to take action while increasing the likelihood that those looking for your products/services will find you even if they don’t know you.

Why The LinkedIn Ninja?

Creating a great LinkedIn profile is a combination of both creativity and science.

The difference between me and other LinkedIn profile writers is my brain and my ability to see beyond the information you provide me and to develop messages that need to bring multiple things together – such as multiple businesses, multiple target markets, multiple purposes. I see connections and themes and opportunities that most people don’t see and I’m able to weave that into a message that is clear and compelling. 

If you have a complex message that needs to be delivered within the framework of the LinkedIn profile and you haven’t done the groundwork to develop a brand message before building the profile, then you’re not providing a good writer with enough information to create a great profile. It will be a good profile, but they can only work with what you’ve given them – and if that’s nothing, then there is only so much most people can do with the profile.

I’m not most people. I can turn almost nothing into something great because I am able to see beyond what you give me. I essentially build a brand through the process of creating a LinkedIn profile – if you don’t have one already. Those are the situations where you will really see the difference between what I do and what others do. 

The LinkedIn Ninja Headline & About – $897

The LinkedIn Headline and About sections are the most important of the LinkedIn Profile. When these two sections are properly positioned to speak to your target market, you can still have great success even if you haven’t fully leveraged the content in the other LinkedIn Profile sections. This service is the most cost-effective way to get the LinkedIn Ninja touch on your LinkedIn Profile. Your Headline and About are written by The LinkedIn Ninja herself.

This service includes a personal interview and two rounds of edits.


The Full LinkedIn Ninja Profile – $1,597

Every LinkedIn Profile is different based on the person, their target market, what they’ve done in life, how well developed their brand message is, etc. Instead of giving you a checklist of LinkedIn Profile sections I will complete, I promise to use every section to it’s greatest potential based on the information you have to offer. 

My LinkedIn Profiles push the boundaries of what most people expect should be in a LinkedIn Profile. They are meant to develop a message that resonates with your target market; not put you on a pedestal.  If you’re looking for someone to simply write what you tell them to write, then I’m not your gal.

What’s included in your LinkedIn Profile Service

  • Profile created personally by The LinkedIn Ninja
  • Optimize content for all LinkedIn Profile sections based on the information and content you have available to work with 
  • Search Optimize entire LinkedIn Profile for your primary phrase
  • Provide a search optimized and compelling Headline
  • Write a professional, compelling, and search optimized About
  • Identify media files highlighting business accomplishments and expertise that should be used on the profile in the Featured section
  • Personal interview to gather additional details, verify messaging, and develop appropriate positioning
  • BONUS! Custom LinkedIn Background Photo to provide visual branding for your LinkedIn Profile ($100 value)
  • BONUS! 100 days membership in the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo Training Community ($200 value)

The process includes two rounds of edits. We also work closely with compliance departments of those regulated by FINRA or the SEC to ensure your profile meets your compliance policy requirements.

* We will be happy to discuss the process of posting the content to your profile and how we can make it as easy as possible for you. It is against LinkedIn’s terms of service to allow someone to log in to your LinkedIn account.