LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales

Do you prefer to work on referrals but hate the lack of control you have in getting them?

Then this system is for you! The power of LinkedIn is in the ability to see to the 2nd and 3rd degree of your network. No longer will you have to wait for a referral to come to you. We will show you how to leverage your existing relationships on LinkedIn so that you can self refer to perfect prospects who are just an introduction away! This system is ideal for the business-to-business sales person, but also works for the business-to-consumer sales person who knows their target market!



The LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt for Sales is currently in redevelopment. Planned release of the new program is August 2013.  Register for the Free LinkedIn Ninja eCourse to get some of my top tips right away and be the first to know when the new program is live!

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