If your company sells B2B, then LinkedIn is the place to be for lead generation.

55% of decision makers use LinkedIn Content to vet the organizations they work with. (1)

LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation (converting website visitors to leads) than Facebook or Twitter. (5)

80% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective social media platform. (2)

64% of all social media visits to B2B websites come from LinkedIn. (6)

4 out of 5 LinkedIn users drive buying decisions. (3)

The number of LinkedIn Messages has increased x4. The reply rates to LinkedIn Messages have increased 30%. (3)

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. (4)

Only 1% of LinkedIn users post content on a weekly basis = big opportunity. (2)

Organic LinkedIn Lead Generation 


Paid LinkedIn Lead Generation

You can leverage both organic and paid lead generation strategies on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Ninja, however, focuses exclusively on organic lead generation.

Why? Because we believe it provides a higher ROI and higher lifetime access to prospects.

Paid LinkedIn ads can definitely work to get leads to people who have the problem that you solve NOW! Ads catch peoples’ interest and get them to click because they are currently needing help for whatever the ad is offering.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

But, what about the person who sees your ad now but doesn’t have the problem you solve until 3 months from now? Does your paid ad campaign allow you to get back to those people? No! At least not unless you are constantly paying for ad campaigns designed to get starving fish to bite your hook.

When you get a person who could use your services to connect with you on LinkedIn, you have the opportunity and ability to continue to cultivate that connection so that when they do have need of what you offer, they come straight to you and don’t bother clicking on your competitors’ ads.

Essentially, you’re stocking your own pond with pre-qualified prospects who are already in the process of getting to know, like, and trust you.

Ryan Really

Attorney at Law

We are glad we selected The LinkedIn Ninja to help us bring LinkedIn to life! Crystal Thies’s talent and heart was put into setting us up for success. We “fast tracked” with the Treasure Map investment and we are now reaching out to targeted potential clients with a quality profile, messaging campaign, i.e. a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Linkedin now has a Facebook feel so this summer was the time to reallocate my FB time back to my business and Crystal’s LinkedIn Ninja made it happen! We are now in the game and not on the LinkedIn sidelines thanks to our new teammate Crystal Thies’s skillsets, products, and services.

Brad Freels

Helping companies navigate and gain value from the Microsoft Cloud's - M365, Azure and Dynamics.

Crystal did a fantastic job of helping me understand the power of LinkedIn and how to use it. She helped me set up my profile to provide information to my target market as well as how to leverage different parts of LinkedIn to prospect inside my target market. Her guidance and training through her LinkedIn Ninja course was fantastic and the tools as well as the monthly group sessions were easily worth the cost. I would recommend Crystal to anyone who wants to get serious about using LinkedIn to increase their network and business.

What’s the #1 rule in sales?
People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

The LinkedIn Ninja team can create a done-for-you, custom, LinkedIn lead generation strategy and content marketing strategy that will give you everything you need to build a network and cultivate your own pond stocked with perfect prospects.

We call these LinkedIn Treasure Maps!

You can take this strategy and implement it yourself or hand it off to your administrative or virtual assistant. Imagine having a clear list of easy-to-understand tactics to implement on LinkedIn without much thought and that actually get you connected to and having conversations with the people you would want to have as clients!

Don’t have an assistant or the time to implement your LinkedIn lead generation system? You can hand over the most time-consuming tactics to the NinjaBee team who will implement your lead generation strategy with our concierge lead generation service.

The LinkedIn NinjaBee team offers the only concierge, automation-free, highly-effective, AND AFFORDABLE LinkedIn lead generation service.

For the same price – or less – than you would spend on a spammy, automation-based LinkedIn lead generation service that could get you restricted or even kicked off LinkedIn, you can get a dedicated NinjaBee lead specialist who will hand pick the people invited to connect to make sure that they actually fit your target market criteria. They will send follow-up messages to encourage a conversation. They will even organize them neatly in both a spreadsheet and in Sales Navigator lists (if using Sales Navigator).

While highly recommended, you do not have to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to use our NinjaBee LinkedIn lead generation service.

Learn more about our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

Only looking for help with the LinkedIn Lead Generation outreach strategy? We can help with that too!

Have you been sending invites and private messages on your own – whether manually or with a DIY automation bot - and not getting the amount of responses you want?

Have you been using one of the automation services and their messages simply aren’t converting as they promised?

Have you been sending invites and private messages on your own – whether manually or with a DIY automation bot - and not getting the amount of responses you want?

Have you been using one of the automation services and their messages simply aren’t converting as they promised?

If so, then the issue is the approach that is being used in the invite and the private messages. Your messages are likely way too salesy and spammy and are turning people off.

While the LinkedIn Treasure Map  is a comprehensive system that covers both your LinkedIn lead generation strategy and your LinkedIn content marketing strategy, we can help you with a stand-alone LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy.

This stand-alone strategy can be implemented by you manually or with an automation software, implemented by our NinjaBee concierge team, or even by another LinkedIn lead generation service provider.

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies are a cost-effective way to get the LinkedIn Ninja expertise in crafting the key approach and messages for your own LinkedIn lead generation system. It includes:



Create a LinkedIn Search that most successfully identifies the best of the best prospects for you (in either regular LinkedIn or Sales Navigator). We want to help you focus on building quality connections – not just lots of connections.

Create a specialized approach to your target market that will focus on their WIIFT – What’s In It For Them. We want to give them a reason to connect with you that doesn’t appear like a blatant sales pitch.

Create a custom-written 4 message cadence that will include an invitation to connect, a follow-up message for immediately after connecting, and two thought leader messages to be sent a few weeks after connecting to demonstrate your expertise.

Create a custom Get In Touch message that you can use to message existing connections in your target market that you have not yet been successful in cultivating and that is designed to generate a phone call

Provide message templates to be used for birthdays, job anniversaries, and job changes. Believe it or not this is one of the most highly converting method of getting a conversation when implemented correctly.

Wondering if the LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation Strategy or Service is Right for You?

The LinkedIn Ninja Approach to LinkedIn Lead Generation

So many LinkedIn lead generation companies focus on quantity – sending out the most LinkedIn invitations to connect as possible before you get in trouble with LinkedIn. The more connections they send for you, the more they charge. 

More isn’t better!

Why? In order to feed that many invitations to connect and keep things going for months, they have to create such a broad search that a large percentage of those you’re inviting to connect really aren’t ideal prospects. Additionally, they need to invite people beyond your 2nd Degree Connections, which have an even lower rate of acceptance because you have no one and nothing in common; it’s not just cold, it’s frozen!

What are the consequences of this approach?

#1 – Many of the new connections aren’t your ideal prospects. The bot is just inviting anyone that falls into the search parameters whether they are appropriate or not. Many of those may want to have a phone call with you. Do you really have lots of time to spend talking with people who aren’t qualified and aren’t the people you want to have as clients?

#2 – You’re likely PI$$ING people off who do fit your ideal client avatar. Once they decline, they’re lost forever. You’ve already created a bad impression on them.

#3 – Due to the avalanche of so many automated and spammy invites to connect, people are more diligent than ever on reporting people to LinkedIn using the “I don’t know” this person link. If too many people click on that link, LinkedIn will restrict your account and you’ve killed the ability to generate leads on LinkedIn. Why? You now must have the email address of every person you want to invite to connect.

Here’s what one of the most popular LinkedIn Automation Services claims as its results:

“On average, clients see between 25-75 new conversations with ideal buyers for every 1,000 prospects engaged.”

That’s a 0.025% to 0.075% success rate. Is that good enough for you? If they’re creating 250 prospects per month for you, that’s 6 conversations (not clients) per month with a large percentage of those conversations not likely being with ideal prospects.

The LinkedIn Ninja focuses on QUALITY over QUANTITY!

How do we do this?

First, we focus on building connections with people in the 2nd Degree only (whenever possible). As you grow your connections, your 2nd Degree will repopulate with new people. On occasion, our clients have had target markets that were so narrow that we weren’t able to sustain 2nd Degree only, but that is the exception.

Second, we develop our prospect searches with the most narrow parameters and then expand outward as we work through the best-of-the-best prospects first. For example, perhaps you can work with people in your target market anywhere in the United States. We won’t start with that big of a geographic area. We’ll start with your current and surrounding states. Why? Because you likely have stronger relationships with the 1st Degree Connections that you’ve met in person, there are likely more of them because a large percentage of your Connections will be in your primary geographic area, and, if you wanted to, you could meet with them in person instead of talking on the phone (post pandemic, of course).

Third, when offering our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service, we REVIEW every profile to determine its appropriateness before inviting them to connect. The automated services run the search, turn on the bot, and just let it go one-by-one inviting everyone caught in its broad net – sometimes it’s even inviting your competitors to connect!

We want to front load your LinkedIn Lead Generation with the best prospects to increase your likelihood of conversions as soon as possible.

We want to get you connected with everyone who could be an ideal client for you even if they aren’t quite ready to become a client now. Why? Because when they become ready or need what you have to offer, they should be coming straight to you! IF you’ve cultivated that relationship and demonstrated your expertise!

If you take too strong of an approach with overt sales messages right after connecting, you’ll lose the connection and get your account flagged putting it at risk. The vast majority of people do not want to connect to someone who just wants to sell to them and will immediately disconnect and even block new connections who pitch too soon.

The true power of organic LinkedIn lead generation over paid lead generation is that once you’re connected to that prospect, you can continue to cultivate them as long as they remain connections. With paid ads, you’re paying when people click whether they fill out your form or not. If they don’t fill it out, you’ve paid for nothing, have no idea who they are, and have no way to get back to them.

Are you ready to start generating organic leads with LinkedIn? Schedule your consultation today to determine if our service is a fit for your business.

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