LinkedIn Strategies for Companies

This is the fastest way to get you and/or your company up and running on LinkedIn! The LinkedIn Ninja works with you and/or your staff to develop a LinkedIn Master Plan for your goals and that utilizes your available resources.

This service is ideal for businesses and organizations that want to develop a company-wide LinkedIn strategy and network, as well as an active LinkedIn presence with the workload spread across different staff roles. The goal is to minimize the time spent by executives on LinkedIn while keeping them deeply engaged in their network and highly visible. Additionally, it distributes responsibility for implementation by breaking down the LinkedIn activity by function: Executive, Administrative Assistant, Marketing, Business Development, Client Service, Human Resources.

Though customized to each client, common components include:

  • An executive summary outlining the higher-level goals and intentions
  • In-depth, custom document analyzing existing LinkedIn presence and identifying specific strategies and activities appropriate for that business based on their resources to meet their goals on LinkedIn
  • An implementation schedule to work into the comprehensive LinkedIn Marketing System in prioritized stages
  • An action and task plan outlining the daily, weekly, monthly, and as needed tasks for each role (Executive, Administrative Assistant, Marketing, Business Development, Client Service, Human Resources as needed/appropriate)
  • Customized training for all staff and executives involved in the LinkedIn Master Plan to demonstrate how to directly implement the recommended strategies and access to online training to fully understand how to use LinkedIn.

This type of consulting service is ideal for professional firms and agencies such as financial planners, accountants, attorneys, etc. Ideally, each professional should have a minimum of 2 full time staff people in addition to the executive in order to take full advantage of the custom consulting. However, custom solutions can be developed for solopreneurs and other business models.

Since no two LinkedIn Master Plans are alike, each project is custom quoted.  Contact The LinkedIn Ninja (Crystal Thies) at for more information and to get your quote.