Custom LinkedIn Lead Generation System

Custom LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System

As a financial advisor, sales professional, or small business owner, you’re surely aware of the value of LinkedIn. A well-crafted profile can make you and your business visible and connect you with colleagues or potential clients. But are you really getting everything out of LinkedIn that you can? Right now, on LinkedIn there are hundreds of perfect prospects within arm’s reach of you and your business. Unfortunately, most people lack the skills or knowledge to effectively connect with the right people and transform them into worthwhile leads.

You could spend hours sending invites at random or even scouring the internet for tips on boosting your LinkedIn value. However, you know better than anyone that your time is money, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to run a successful business and teach yourself every in, out, and nuance of LinkedIn. This is where the LinkedIn Ninja comes in. Over the course of almost 10 years working with LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Ninja has developed a set of expert strategies designed to maximize results when it comes to lead generation. The LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System uses these strategies to build a customized plan for reaching your target market and includes personalized coaching from the LinkedIn Ninja herself teaching you exactly how to implement and track the success of your plan.


What Is the LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System?

The goals of the LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System are to get you visible to and connected with target prospects, open the door for conversation, and help elicit sales opportunities. This starts with proper handling of any invitations that you receive to connect, ensuring that you do not miss any opportunities. With laser-focused searches, you can find your target market and invite them to connect, at the same time enticing these prospects to look back at your profile. Additionally, upon connection you send the new connection a follow-up message offering a value-based resource (a whitepaper, eBook, eCourse, webinar, etc.) from your business. This follow up message can fill your external lead generation funnel and/or create openness to a phone call. Additional follow up messages can be planned at intervals to stay front of mind with your prospect connections.

The message and the free content provided are the two most important factors in generating success with these strategies. People will not stay connected to you if they think you just want to sell to them. The purpose of this system is to help you get the ball rolling. It will get you connected and initiate that first engagement. Then you pick up the ball and develop the relationship with your sales and relationship building skills. It is the LinkedIn Ninja’s belief that the salesperson needs to own the relationship. Our focus is on helping you generate quality connections; your sales and relationship skills will be the determining factor of your overall success.

Staying front of mind and increasing visibility beyond your network is also a key component to generating opportunities. We will also provide strategies and recommendations on sharing content and engaging with your connections in the news feed to deepen the connection and increase your visibility.

In addition to these ongoing profile view, connection, and follow-up message strategies, we can help identify standalone messaging campaigns that will allow you to further engage with your connections. These messages are great for motivating signups to free or paid events, encouraging connections to sign up for your email list, and driving traffic back to your website. These types of campaigns can be implemented as frequently as you would like, but we suggest sending the same person a message no more than once a month (after your initial follow up sequence), preferably every other month or quarterly.


What Is Included in Your Custom System?

System developed for one (1) clearly defined target market for a single person to implement in as precise, efficient, and effective a manner as possible.

  • Identify the precise tactics that will access your target market and that are allowed within your compliance policy.
  • Create the order of implementation to optimize all activities and tasks, so as to complete them as quickly as possible without unnecessary duplication or overlap.
  • Recommendations on tools that can help facilitate/automate implementation of some of the tactics.
  • Recommendations on how to position your LinkedIn Profile so that it will support your lead generation activities and speak to your target market.
  • Suggestions of topics and types of Lead Magnets that would appeal to your target market and introductions to those who can help create them.
  • Develop searches including specific search variables, keywords, and filters to be used to return high-quality search results of prospects.
  • Write recommended invitation and message templates to be used within the system.
  • Develop system to track and measure using spreadsheet templates or CRM customization recommendations.
  • Provide steps to quickly access content to share on a regular basis and how to engage with your connections in the news feed.
  • Record video walking through of each step of the system for ongoing training, in addition to 30-minute coaching session to answer questions before implementation.
  • Written guide with all steps to allow for easy review until you’ve fully memorized your system.
  • Follow up with one 30-minute Lead Generation Coaching session 4–6 weeks after implementation to review and tweak.

 *Add custom searches, strategies, and invitation and message templates for additional target markets for $1,000 per target market. Pricing available to develop a system to be used by sales teams and multiple employees.

The following bonus is also included:

Access for 1 year to the LinkedIn Ninja for Financial Advisors or LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt online video training program (standalone $97 per person for annual access; provided as part of this package at no additional charge). **Video training program under development due to major LinkedIn platform changes. Access will be made available as soon as the new program is live.


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