Want to leverage LinkedIn to grow your business but don’t know where to start? 

Have you been using LinkedIn for a while but haven’t been successful at getting any new clients?

Have you been attending LinkedIn webinar after LinkedIn webinar and all of the training in the world isn’t helping you get any closer to developing a LinkedIn strategy that achieves the results you need?

Are you simply tired of trying to do it all by yourself and always feeling like you’re doing it wrong?

LinkedIn is complex; it’s a maze of sales, marketing, recruiting, and job search tools. It’s very easy to get lost in this maze and waste time and money – unless you have a map! A Treasure Map!

LinkedIn Consultation

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Brad Freels

Account Manager, Quisitive

Crystal did a fantastic job of helping me understand the power of LinkedIn and how to use it. She helped me set up my profile to provide information to my target market as well as how to leverage different parts of LinkedIn to prospect inside my target market. I would recommend Crystal to anyone who wants to get serious about using LinkedIn to increase their network and business.

Deb Mazzaferro

Business coach & Consultant for the Specialty Food Trade

I've been with Crystal consistently for many years. She's been my guru for what's happening on LinkedIn and how to make the most of its many resources. Don't try to navigate this important B2B resource on your own; use a professional, use Crystal. She stays up-to-date with all the changes that LinkedIn makes which saves you time and the frustration of figuring it out on your own.

A LinkedIn Treasure Map is a custom, created just for you, COMPLETE LinkedIn Lead Generation and 

LinkedIn Content Marketing System

Whether or not LinkedIn’s tools help you reach your goals or achieve positive results depends on first identifying the right tools that will generate results and then developing strategies and a message that maximize the value and expertise you offer.

The devil is in the details in creating the right approach and messaging to speak to your prospects that compels them to connect and engage and doesn’t repulse them with overly salesy and spammy overtures.

You know… you’ve gotten those spammy invitations to connect that so obviously are trying to sell to you or those pitch-slaps right after you’ve accepted someone’s invite. You hate them too! So, don’t do that! That’s not what we’re going to tell you to do.

Further, LinkedIn is an active referee. If they don’t think that the tactics you’re using are appropriate, they will not share your content and can restrict your ability to connect with people. They have the power to prevent you from using LinkedIn at all if you do things in a way that they deem as wrong.

So many LinkedIn consultants only offer training. They’ll tell you how to do it, but not help do it for you. I sometimes think that they’re afraid to put their expertise to the test since they avoid putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together for their clients.

Training – and more training – isn’t always the answer. At the end of the day, training doesn’t tell you exactly what YOU need to do to have success with LinkedIn.

YOU still have to figure out how to build your LinkedIn Profile and how to write a compelling message.

YOU still have to figure out what types of invitation to connect messages will truly entice your prospects to connect with you.

YOU still have to write LinkedIn messages that get prospects to want to have a conversation with you.

YOU still have to create LinkedIn Posts that get people to comment and engage to increase your visibility.

You need an expert LinkedIn Consultant who will create those elements of a successful LinkedIn strategy for you.

My custom LinkedIn Treasure Maps leverage my more than a decade of experience in optimizing the tools within LinkedIn and understanding outcomes and consequences to help you or your company know which tools and strategies will provide ROI and the approach and messaging that will optimize your success.

Essentially, I answer all of the questions you have on what it is YOU need to do in order to get new clients with LinkedIn. I create all of the key pieces to your LinkedIn strategy from developing the search to find your prospects to messages that resonate with them and get replies to cultivating these fledgling relationships to writing a post that you can use to get started.

Based on your available time, resources, and target market, I will create an approach/strategy that resonates with your prospects, identify the best tactics to accomplish your goals, and actually provide the messaging needed to compel engagement and conversation.

You don’t have to figure it all out for yourself; I’LL FIGURE IT OUT FOR YOU!

I offer 3 different types of LinkedIn Treasure Maps for both individuals and companies.

LinkedIn Treasure Map

The LinkedIn Treasure Map is for intermediate to advanced level LinkedIn users (individuals) who need someone to put a strategy together that will lead to success. They already have a basic understanding of how LinkedIn works, but they haven’t been successful at developing searches to find prospects, identifying an approach that entices them to connect or messages that result in phone calls, gets people to actually engage with their posts, etc. I put all of the pieces together in a cohesive system that will provide precision, efficiency, and effectiveness. This service does not include in-depth training of the strategy. Rather, it provides detailed documentation and recorded demonstration of the system. If you need training, then there is another option for you.

LinkedIn Treasure Map + Black Belt Training

This LinkedIn Treasure Map is for beginning to intermediate LinkedIn users. It limits overwhelm by creating your Treasure Map one stage at a time and providing in-depth private training on how to implement each part of the strategy. Further, I help you understand all of the reasons behind why I’m recommending the strategy based on how LinkedIn operates. I teach you best practices so that you will be in a position to grow and morph your LinkedIn strategy as you grow more comfortable and successful with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Treasure Map  for Companies

This LinkedIn Treasure Map is developed for small businesses and sales teams of larger companies. It creates a cohesive strategy that supports the company’s brand and message. It provides clear instruction on daily tasks that each salesperson should be doing when implementing a LinkedIn lead generation system on behalf of the company. It also provides a system to move leverage the marketing activities of your marketing team to individual employee profiles. These Treasure Maps are customized to fit the needs of each company based on their goals and requirements.

Not all adventures and journeys are the same. Our Treasure Maps come with customizable options to create a LinkedIn Treasure Map experience that works best for you and where you’re at in your LinkedIn journey. These options include LinkedIn Profile development, LinkedIn Implementation, Black Belt Coaching, and Outsourced LinkedIn Lead Generation Service.

BONUS – All LinkedIn Treasure Maps come with a 3-month membership in the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo and LinkedIn Ninja Success Squad to provide ongoing support and coaching as well as benefit from other Success Squad members interacting with your LinkedIn Posts.

Andy McCarthy

VP Facilities Management, Norton Healthcare

Crystal is a phenomenal LinkedIn resource! If you have any desire whatsoever to grow and positively influence your network, whether for sales, job search, or professional development, you need Crystal. Her comprehensive knowledge of how LinkedIn works combined with her acumen for professionally and effectively developing networks makes her an invaluable resource. Most importantly, she’s results-oriented: everything she suggests is designed to and does in fact produce tangible results. Her consultations with me were jam-packed with insight and proven methodologies. The return on my investment with her was quick and extremely high!

Ryan J. Really

Attorney at Law

We are glad we selected The LinkedIn Ninja to help us bring LinkedIn to life! Crystal Thies’s talent and heart was put into setting us up for success. We “fast tracked” with the Treasure Map investment and we are now reaching out to targeted potential clients with a quality profile, messaging campaign, i.e. a LinkedIn marketing strategy. Linkedin now has a Facebook feel so this summer was the time to reallocate my FB time back to my business and Crystal’s LinkedIn Ninja made it happen! We are now in the game and not on the LinkedIn sidelines thanks to our new teammate Crystal Thies’s skillsets, products, and services.

Steve Platt

Inspector, ACV Auctions

Crystal did a fantastic job of helping me understand the power of LinkedIn and how to use it. She helped me set up my profile to provide information to my target market as well as how to leverage different parts of LinkedIn to prospect inside my target market. I would recommend Crystal to anyone who wants to get serious about using LinkedIn to increase their network and business.