LinkedIn Company Pages – Status Updates, Recommendations, and Followers, oh my!

Today was a very exciting day in the land of LinkedIn. This morning was Connect 11; LinkedIn’s marketing conference during Advertising Week 8. The focus – brand engagement on LinkedIn. The big announcement – we can now make status updates from our Company Pages to communicate with our Followers.

Over the last many months, LinkedIn has quietly been adding new and amazing functionality to the Company Pages that few people have noticed. And, until now, LinkedIn hasn’t been screaming from mountain tops to tell people. Well, I’ve been telling people about it, but all I’ve been getting back are questioning stares because people seem to have a hard time believing that LinkedIn Company Pages are good for anything but seeing who just got fired. Maybe now they’ll believe me!

By now, you may be asking yourself what’s so special about these LinkedIn Company Pages. Let me tell you!

First, you can list up to 25 products and services. Each product or service gets it’s own page with it’s own description, it’s own link and even it’s own YouTube video. Most importantly, your clients can RECOMMEND that specific product or service and share a testimonial about why others would want to buy it.

Second, the recommendations don’t “live” only on LinkedIn. If you go to their Developers Tools (found in the footer), you can get html code to transport those recommendations back to your website. The recommendation button will tell your website visitors how many times that product or service has been recommended and will link them back to your Company Page to read the recommendations or even write one themselves. Of course, when they write the recommendation, a status update goes out into their network’s news feed telling everyone that they have recommended your product with a link to check it out themselves.

Third, if you have more than five products or services on your LinkedIn Company Page and more than one target audience, you can customize which five products and services the different target audiences see first when they land on your Company Page. Also, you can have three linked graphical banners above those featured products and services and select which banner each target audience sees.

But wait! There’s more! LinkedIn has even built in analytics to let you know how many people are visiting your page, if they’re engaging and how the activity on your Company Page stacks up to your competition.

So, what’s the key to success with a LinkedIn Company Page? Followers! In an interview just before the start of Advertising Week 8, SVP of Global Sales Mike Gamson highly encouraged companies and brands to start gathering their Company Page followers now – while it’s cheap! Mr. Gamson predicted that we won’t see a Facebook phenomenon with every member following lots of different Company Pages. The average LinkedIn member is going to be more discriminating in who they choose to follow and will likely not follow very many Company Pages. So it will likely take a lot more effort and advertising dollars to get someone to switch from following your competitor to following you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get that LinkedIn Company Page completely optimized! Too busy? The LinkedIn Ninja can help out! Check out our LinkedIn Company Page building services.

What creative ways can you think of to use the new Company Pages? My first big strategy is to begin offering a FREE LinkedIn Company Page or LinkedIn Personal Profile makeover to one Crystal Clear Buzz Company Page follower every month! The winner will be selected on the last day of the month. So, FOLLOW NOW for your chance to be selected!

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  • Crystal,

    Thanks for all the great insights.  Based on your information I created and updated our Company Page.  Great stuff.  Thank you.  Qucik question please.  In your header, you mention “status updates”, but I didnt see anything on this feature and how you can do a status update for a company? Aare these only automatic when you update your page or do you have the ability to proactively push status updates on a Company Page?  Thanks for any additional information.  Kidnd Regards. Joe

    • Joe,

      Only the people listed as administrators are able to send out status updates. You have to change the Admin setting from All Employees to Designated Users Only. Then, the status update ability will appear to those who are added as Designated Users. The Designated Users do not have to employees of the company, but they do have to be connected to the Admin adding them as an additional admin.

      I hope that helps!

  • Had no idea one could transport product/service recommendations off of Linkedin. Fabulous! The real question is, of course: how to attract followers to the company’s page. When you write, “start gathering Company Page followers now – while it’s cheap,” what are the recommended ways to do so aside from Linkedin advertising? 

    • Debra,

      It’s not really transporting because the text stays on LinkedIn’s site, it’s more connected. One click and people can read the reviews.

      Since it’s still so new, most of us are still testing out methods to get followers. A lot of it should be similar to getting Facebook Likes – at least early on. Make all of your connections, Facebook fans and Twitter followers aware of the Page and encourage them to follow. Sending out great content will hopefully keep them engaged. I’m giving away a free LinkedIn profile makeover to one of my followers every month (who is not working in the social media space) as a way to encourage people to follow.

      You could also use LinkedIn Ads – which I’m thinking about trying out. If you or your clients have an ad budget to spend $25,000 per quarter on LinkedIn advertising, they have developed specialized ads to get people to follow Company Pages. That’s a bit out of my budget:-)

      I know you work with nonprofits and they should definitely be getting company pages. They could list client services as well as major fundraising events and get recommendations on both. A great way to share in front of the wealthiest social network ever!

  • Thank you for the rundown and tips on LinkedIn company pages Crystal.  I was aware they existed but was unaware of most of the new features you mentioned.  Having links to the LI recommendations that you can post on your site can be a really powerful tool as it provides legitimacy to the recommendations, showing they are authentic.  

    • Rob,
      I’m not surprised; so many people are aware of the capabilities. An article that you should probably check out as an SEO guru is In it, SearchEngineLand talks about how a well developed LinkedIn Company Page can even help out your SEO!

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