How Likely are You to get Leads with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful but complex tool. It is only when you position yourself appropriately and consistently implement the most valuable activities that you will create the openings that lead to new clients and increased revenue. Click the button to learn where you stand and what you need to do to get leads on LinkedIn.

Linkedin assessment


Have you ever fallen for those LinkedIn quizzes that sound like they’ll give you some great insight and then ask you 5 questions and tell you what you already knew? That’s not this!

This is an in-depth, multiple-choice, LinkedIn assessment broken into 5 sections that will give you not only insight into how likely you really are to get leads on LinkedIn, but an Action Plan to improve your LinkedIn strategy and ability to get those leads – and ultimately new clients – using LinkedIn. It is highly recommended that you complete each section in order to get the best feedback. At the end of each section, you’ll see a screen with your Results and Action Plan that you can download. Additionally, to fully complete the assessment, click the button at the end to move on to the next section.

Get Results:

If you complete ALL 5 SECTIONS, you will receive an email with your COMPLETE Results and Action Plan.
It will take about 15-20 minutes to complete the full LinkedIn assessment. When you’re done, you’ll really know how likely you are to get leads on LinkedIn AND know what steps to take to improve your likelihood!


1. LinkedIn Foundation – Do you have the foundation to generate leads with LinkedIn?
2. LinkedIn Profile – Is your LinkedIn Profile positioned correctly to get leads with LinkedIn?
3. LinkedIn Network – Are you building your LinkedIn network to get leads with LinkedIn?
4. Communication & relationship building – Are you using tactics that will strengthen relationships and lead to conversations?
5. LinkedIn Content Marketing – Are you building thought leadership and getting visibility to and beyond your connections?