How to Search LinkedIn for Prospects in an Age Range

LinkedIn's Advanced Search - and especially Sales Navigator's Search - is amazing! It allows you to dig deep into the database as well as slice and dice your network to find THE PEOPLE you need to find whether you know them already or not.

One question I'm often asked is if you can search by age. Officially, the answer is no. If you look through all of the advanced search filters on all of the different versions of LinkedIn search in regular LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and even Recruiter, you will not find a field to search by age.

The one exception to filter by Age is LinkedIn ads, but most people aren't going to use them.

Years ago, I found a hidden search that lets you get very close to finding people in an age range. It's not part of LinkedIn Search, it's attached to School/University Pages.

When a School sets up a Page and identifies it as a school, LinkedIn adds the ability to search for Alumni instead of employees. You can search for alumni based on the years they attended the school.

Since most people attend college or university right after high school - or the equivalent in other countries - you can calculate the years a person of a certain age would be when they attended college.

For example, if you want to find people who are aged 55 to 60, you would look for people who attended college when they were 18 to 21. Based on the year 2022, you would look for people who were alumni from the years 1983 to 1988.

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You then have access to 6 filters to find the exact type of alumni you're looking for! This includes Location and Company the work for (shown above).

You can also sort by their occupation and major.

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And you can also search by their skills and - most importantly - how you're connected to them. 2nd Degrees are always best because you have at least one connection in common.

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Don't see the option you're looking for in the top 10 options listed? You can add a specific option to search for those in your local area or that work in specific companies to find the alumni most valuable to you.

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You can use this search on ANY college or university LinkedIn Page. You cannot do this search in Sales Navigator. Of course, you can search for people who attended a specific school who are located in a particular place, etc. But there is no filter in Sales Navigator for the years they attended the school. That can ONLY be found on the school's LinkedIn Page and in Recruiter, which is a tool most people don't have access to.

After you've completed the filtering, scroll down and you will be presented with the search results which will include the year they graduated and what they studied, as well as indicating connections you have in common.

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Want to save those searches? There isn't a way in LinkedIn, but you can always use the trick of creating a folder on your browser's bookmark bar and save the URL from the filter results in that folder. The settings you used show up in the URL.

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Not sure how to use that? I demonstrate the same concept to bookmark the activity pages of your connections in this LinkedIn article. Simply apply the same concept to the RESULTS PAGE of your alumni search.

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