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Thanks for grabbing your copy of Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success. Just click the button below to download the written guide with the system instructions.

Interested in Some Extra Help?

The written Baby Steps Guide is GOOD, but when you combine it with some VIDEO training, it's GREAT!

A picture's worth 1,000 words... A video is worth 100,000! LinkedIn is an interactive software program. There's only so much you can do with text and static images to explain how it works. Many people need video demonstrations to truly grasp what I'm trying to explain with words and pictures.

For a small investment of $17, you can get access to the recorded training of my Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success System.

This 2-hour video training program is broken down into 8 videos demonstrating how to implement the setup for your Baby Steps system and each Baby Step.

But, that's not all! I provide additional commentary to more fully explain the how and the why of each step as well as LinkedIn's idiosyncrasies to help insure you're implementing these steps in the most optimal way. I also include multiple message templates that ARE NOT INCLUDED in the written guide. Oh, and of course, there are always a couple extra ninja tips along the way.

Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success Training Program

Julie Goddard

Continuous Improvement Consultant & Founder, Integro Consulting, LLC

Crystal Thies’s Baby Steps training is resource-rich, covering a lot of content. Not only did she teach us many ways to leverage LinkedIn, but she also introduced us to tools to make it easier to participate. Crystal is generous with her expertise and her willingness to help individuals succeed is evident.

Kimberlee Vollbrecht

President, V2 Strategies

Crystal is the guru for business people who want to build more meaningful and profitable connections on LinkedIn. She’s a sought-after speaker, consultant, and trainer, and I found it unbelievable that she offers her Baby Steps training for such a low price. The most important tools I came away with were those that helped me get really clear on the types of companies and people I want to connect with – and how to find and engage with them.