Build a LinkedIn Ninja Profile in 5 Days!

If you've been saying that you'll "get" to your LinkedIn Profile but you never do, this is for you!

Many people struggle to improve their LinkedIn Profile because they're not really sure what to do and they're afraid they'll do something wrong and look foolish.

This FREE 5-Day Challenge will help you build an awesome LinkedIn Profile without getting overwhelmed.

What is the Build a LinkedIn Ninja Profile in 5 Days Challenge?

Build a LinkedIn Ninja Profile in 5 Days is a free challenge program that includes a combination of training and homework to assist you in optimizing your LinkedIn Profile for success. Simply follow along with the training and complete the homework and at the end of the week you'll have a fully developed LinkedIn Profile.

The recording of each day's training will be available for 24 hours at no cost. Unlimited access to the full, recorded training program will be made available for a discounted fee.

The live training will take place from 1PM to 2PM Eastern, Monday, May 23rd through Friday, May 28th.

The Build a LinkedIn Ninja Profile in 5 Days training program normally costs $147.

Whether you've never optimized your LinkedIn Profile or it's time for a refresh - particularly in light of the many recent changes - you don't want to miss this free training program.

LinkedIn Ninja Profile 5-Day Challenge Starts In:

Monday, May 23, 2022 1:00 PM EST


You missed out!

Right TYPE of Profile

How you build your profile is based on what your primary goal is of using LinkedIn. Looking for new clients? Looking for a job? Positioning yourself for your next career step? Each requires a slightly different approach.

Build Connections

Your profile must be compelling to your target market to encourage them to want to connect with you. They don't care about you; they care about themselves. How is the connection going to benefit them if they NEVER become a client?

Optimize Each Section

The LinkedIn Profile has many different sections but you don't have to use them the way LinkedIn intends. Layer your expertise by optimizing these sections to highlight the key content that demonstrates why you're the expert.

Update for Latest Changes

LinkedIn has been making lots of changes lately including to the Profile. This training will address the new features and navigation so that you understand how to make the most of the most recent incarnation of the LinkedIn Profile.

The sessions will be recorded and made available for a limited time to all registrants.

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