LinkedIn Ninja Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success

LinkedIn Success in 20 Minutes per Day!

If you've been struggling to figure out what you should be doing on a daily basis, this training will help you create a 20-minute system that gets results and builds your LinkedIn habit.

Are you still struggling to figure out LinkedIn?

I have a client who first bought my online training in 2015. Then, he even paid more for 1:1 training - the most expensive. He still has less than 100 connections and has been doing nothing with his LinkedIn account.

Why? Because he never built a habit of implementing the most important tactics every day. He never took action. He kept waiting until everything was perfect. BUT, he never felt like he had the time to do it. So he did nothing.

If you've been struggling with taking action on LinkedIn - for any reason - you need this training program.

Stop overthinking! Stop being afraid! Stop saying you just don't have the time.


Can you commit to 20 minutes 3-5 times per week?


Crystal is the guru for business people who want to build more meaningful and profitable connections on LinkedIn. She’s a sought-after speaker, consultant, and trainer, and I found it unbelievable that she offers her Baby Steps training for such a low price. The most important tools I came away with were those that helped me get really clear on the types of companies and people I want to connect with – and how to find and engage with them.
If you follow the steps, you’ll quickly see a difference in how new connections perceive you, how current connections engage with your activity, and the quality of new connections you’re able to make. As a result, you’ll quickly move from “having a presence” on LinkedIn to growing your business with LinkedIn.

Kimberlee Vollbrecht President, V2 Strategies


Crystal Thies’s Baby Steps training is resource-rich, covering a lot of content. Not only did she teach us many ways to leverage LinkedIn, but she also introduced us to tools to make it easier to participate. Crystal is generous with her expertise and her willingness to help individuals succeed is evident.

The recorded training has proven to be helpful time and time again since there is so much information to process at once.

The course exceeded my expectations.

Julie Goddard Founder, Integro Consulting, LLC

I get it! I'm a perfectionist too! I strive to do everything optimally. Creating my Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success system was painful for me. Me, telling people that "good enough" was acceptable... What?!?!

But then it hit me... People were using the excuses of not enough time, don't know enough to start, it's too complicated, etc. because deep down, they really didn't believe it was a worthwhile investment of their time; they didn't believe it would work.

How could they? LinkedIn is the kind of thing that you don't believe works until you actually use it and see results. You need results to motivate you to keep doing more and investing more time.

Because of that, I created Baby Steps to focus on creating a "good enough" presence to start implementing the most valuable tactics that will lead to success and that will not take too much time.

Once you start seeing success, THEN you'll get excited and want to invest more time and resources into building a more comprehensive LinkedIn strategy to find new clients and grow your business.

I offer the written Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success Guide for free. You can CLICK HERE to get it now.

But, many people have provided feedback that they really need video demonstration to understand how to implement it.

So, I created this inexpensive training program that will walk you through the Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success Guide and explain and demonstrate how it all works + some extras that aren't in the written guide.

It's only $17... about the cost of one lunch out at a restaurant. Which is going to help you more? Finally putting LinkedIn into action or having a yummy lunch? Only you can make that decision!

Can you find $17?

Start Baby Stepping to LinkedIn Success...

What You'll Get for ONLY $17!

Written Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success Guide (updated July 2020)
2-Hour Video Training (over 8 videos)
More, proven invitation to connect and private message templates

Target Market Workbook
BONUS - Magnetize Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract the Right People eBook
BONUS - 9 LinkedIn Profile Tactics to Attract Clients Training Video
Special $50 Discount to join the LinkedIn Ninja Dojo Training Community
Lifetime access to the training videos to work at your own pace

Crystal Thies a.k.a. The LinkedIn Ninja

Crystal Thies has been known as The LinkedIn Ninja since 2010 when her clients and followers gave her the title. The title represents her approach to leveraging the power of LinkedIn for sales and business development and matches the LinkedIn Ninja motto of Precision, Efficiency, Effectiveness. She helps people turn their time spent on LinkedIn into an investment and not a waste.

Her company works with businesses, sales teams, and individuals to provide training, create custom, organic LinkedIn lead generation systems (a.k.a LinkedIn Treasure Maps), as well as implementation of concierge LinkedIn lead generation services that help clients get visible to, connected to, and opening a conversation with their perfect prospects.

Crystal also specializes in the highly regulated industry of financial services and is the co-author of the first-ever book on social media for financial advisors (The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business) published by Bloomberg Press in 2012.