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September 2022



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Hey, everyone. Welcome, Eli. Nice to see you again. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Can you hear me? Thanks. Yeah, I can hear you. Good to see you again. Glad you could join. See Hello,

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I could stay here having recorded,

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it is recorded, so you will get a recording. So if you have to duck out, we'll be doing the new stuff first and then answering any questions. And we say as long as there are questions, though, can't remember you've attended one of these in the past, I believe. Yeah. Yeah. So Doug, I, your name is familiar. Have you attended one of our Islington and just

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may not be here. But

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we started at the top of the hour. I say 1045 Just to get everyone in and get me in case there's some technical issues and the like so we can hang out in chats. Until then you can introduce yourself to those who are here. There are definitely still more people who have said that they're coming so we'll see who shows up. But there will be a recording that will cover so Catherine. Name is familiar. I'm sorry, but have you attended if you're here, we'd love to, to chat and learn more. If you're sitting in front of a computer. No. Okay, well, we'll just hang here. It looks like we got the tech working on this end. And we'll get started at the top of the hour. And let me know if you're having any issues or feel free to introduce yourself. Say hi. Drink some coffee. Hey Lauren

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Good morning.

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How are you? I'm fabulous. That's good. How are you? I'm good. I'm good just hanging out here for a few more minutes we'll get started at the top of the hour

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I have time to get my coffee

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you have time to get your coffee so we'll see Anna in a bit.

Hey peg, how are you you're muted, you can jump on and say hi, we got a couple more minutes. Hello everybody sorry to say yes, yes. When I saw you register I was excited. I'm gonna send you something else about your your registration to that we're changing up because I think you're in our system a couple of times. So because you're a member actually so you shouldn't have paid

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so I registered through my phone and it didn't give me any options when I did it like that and I thought probably if I had been on my computer maybe I would have seen a different

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you would have gotten a different you probably you might have dueling there could be else. So we're fixing that. Okay, thank you know, you. You are good to see you too. Did you is that are you in your same office. Did you paint? Because wasn't your office red before? Yeah.

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It's coming along.

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I like it. I like your red background. I mean, it was there. But it was like, whoa.

Unknown Speaker 10:16
I know this is much more soothing.

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Like, let's say g green kind of color.

Unknown Speaker 10:26
It's called magnetic gray. And you know how magnets do.

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So it's gonna give it another minute or so there are more people who've signed up. But since there's a recording, they may be just waiting for the recording. So Well, we'll see.

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Yeah. Oh, well, we have a

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minute Do you want to tell people who may not know who you are those that are here a little bit about yourself and what you do? Sure.

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I'm pig Sookie. I'm a LinkedIn ninja partner. And have been for quite a while I do career and leadership coaching and commonality of my clients is that they are professionals, typically who are looking at or recovering from change in some way or another can be groups, organizations or individuals. A lot of my work is kind of a combination of coaching and professional, professional and personal branding. So I'd write a lot of resumes and LinkedIn profiles helping them to be prepared to move forward on their terms.

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Cincinnati, yep, yay. And I used to live in Cincinnati, and I don't anymore. For those of you who aren't aware, I have relocated I am now in the Greater Cleveland area. Back home, this was my home, been gone for quite a while. So kind of excited. Although, like, what's really strange is in Cincinnati, we'd be looking at so easily another month of summer. It's already starting to feel a little bit like fall here, which is crazy.

Unknown Speaker 12:26

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but I will say the summer has been much nicer since we've been up here. I mean, the heat that you get in Cincinnati, it's just in the humidity. It's been a nicer summer weather than we normally would have. But it's much shorter. We'll talk in February. Yeah, I know. That's a part we're not. I'm not looking forward to.

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Having grown up in Minnesota, I'll feel your pain.

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Yeah. Yep. So okay, well, that's gonna give it a couple more minutes for people to come in, because there were quite a few others who said that they were coming. And of course, our lovely Dojo members who this training is normally for Dojo members, I opened it up to others, they're used to knowing that well, we don't actually start until 11. So a lot of times, and they don't necessarily RSVP. So sometimes they just pop in. Although they may be confused to which I was, I'm having them sent having gab send out another reminder, because this is a different zoom link than the one we would use for our regular Dojo members. Since we have some outsiders in visiting with us to talk about all of LinkedIn changes. It's been just just watching it, you know, unfortunately, with the move has just been really consuming and I've not been in LinkedIn as much as normal, not even close to half as much as normal. And just all of a sudden, this flood of of new stuff, we are going to I'm going to talk about some things that aren't necessarily brand brand new, but they're still fairly new. There's still been in rollout, there's still things that I've not been seeing people really embrace and just kind of bringing it to the forefront as well as some of the newest, greatest things. And actually one of the newest things I don't even have yet so I only have pictures to kind of demonstrate it and it was actually the change I was looking forward to the most which has to do with our inbox. And it's actually kind of a little I was really hoping for for more or you know then than what we're what we're what it appears that we're getting with that major change which they've been talking about revamping the inbox for for quite a while. So let's go ahead and Gonna go ahead and share my screen and jump in. And just so you know, we're going to be going kind of back and forth with regular LinkedIn. And then also I have my mobile connected through my Samsung Dex app, because a lot of these changes, there are actually mobile only. And then, you know, we all love how when LinkedIn does that to us when you can only get that change on the mobile only. And not the desktop, when especially many of us power users mostly use the desktop just because it's a lot easier to pick to type. And I have access to all of the stuff that we want to share our files and everything. But some of the best changes are, are on the mobile app only. So we will be playing around with that. And hopefully, we'll go smoothly, that app can get a little temperamental in terms of sharing. So we'll see how it goes. But the first big change, actually, that was really excited about that. LinkedIn didn't announce, they just kind of appeared. And I was really, really excited about it. I don't know if you guys have noticed it. But LinkedIn has finally agreed with the rest of us that it is possible to be professional and have a sense of humor. So there is now a funny emoticon emoji that you can use for posts that say something's actually funny. Imagine that. It is possible to be professional and humorous. At the same time, life does not have to always be dry and boring, because we call this business. So what are you guys think about that? Excited, happy. Or some may say it's more the Facebook is facebook isation which one of the things I'm going to show you actually have already had a comment about that. But so we can say funny, something's funny. So that's, that's a lot of fun. Right there. Another new little thing that just popped up somebody noticed. Let me see I'm gonna hide my floating meaning controls to get these guys out of here is that when you follow someone now, which you know this makes sense. So we're going to click on follow. Actually, this one did not do it. Okay, let's see I set up two examples, just in case. So for this person, I've got to go into it and just as a reminder, if you see a connect button and not a Follow button and it's someone you just want to follow you don't want to connect with you or vice versa if you see a Follow button but you want to connect with them you always click on the More button and the other option will be there. And of course now this time I'm not getting the pop up

of course so then real quick I took a screenshot of it

Unknown Speaker 18:01
but it

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I guess now haphazardly when you choose to follow somebody they're giving you this little pop up to encourage you to also get notifications so if you remember this was a change

Unknown Speaker 18:19
that they

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 18:21
that they added a while ago this little bell that you can click on the bell to get notified so now they're adding sometimes a pop up and I did one actually right before this to test it and see is it working and I got the pop up but of course these two for the actual live training you don't get the pop up let me see if I can find somebody else just real quick in this feed oops

so if we open up her profile let's see what happens more test one more out and follow and I didn't get the pop up. Okay. Well if you start to look for that and you find out at someone that you actually do want to you can always again this was a change that they added earlier this year created this little bell where you can click on the bell and you'll get notified and those notifications will come in your notification link when you when they post something to and actually what's really good about doing that because LinkedIn has gone a little overboard I don't know if you've noticed it in the notifications of just want of notifying you when different people post and for me Most of the time, there are people that I don't really care about, or that I don't really know. And so if you're gonna get these types of notifications, in my opinion, they might as well be notifications for people's whose stuff you actually want to see as opposed to random people that LinkedIn is just picking out for you. Because I can tell you, at least for me, a lot of times those notifications of so and so posted, they're not a relevance to me. So, so taking advantage of that, but supposedly, they're making it easier to make sure you get those notifications when you followed somebody by encouraging you to do that on the spot. And unfortunately, out of three examples, even though I did one earlier, it, it didn't show up. So I'm not quite sure why that happened. But But that's kind of the the case at this point. So the next couple changes I want to talk about do require you to be in creator mode. Unfortunately, these are creator mode only. And one of the big ones and this is was an older one, but it's a really important one. And actually, I've been hearing that it's still kind of enrolled out, because I have heard some people say they haven't gotten this one yet. This is the ability to actually have a lead magnet link in the top box part of your profile. So you can see free li lead gen assessment. And when people click on it, it will take you outside to whatever the link is that you want to send them to. So that you know and for those of you if you haven't taken my my assessment to figure out how likely you are to get leads with LinkedIn, I highly recommend it. It comes with action plans, it's kind of intensive. It's a five quiz assessment. But so that's what I have set up for that. So just show you though, where you go to see well do I have that ability, we click on the pencil and scroll down.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
This is where it'll

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 22:14
will say website, add a link that will appear at the top of your profile. So these are different than your regular website links, you still have those, but those appear in the contact info. And so what's a pain with those is that people actually have to go ahead and close this, they have to know to click on Contact Info first. And then to get to your website link. So it's a two step process. Whereby This is meant really for like a lead magnet, a lead gen type of situation. That will send people directly to that on your, on your website. So if you have one of those that is this is definitely a huge benefit. This and some of the other changes that have happened, for those who've been around for a while, especially in the dojo, and when they first announced creator mode. And actually, I'm still very cautious about who should use it. Not everybody should turn on and use creator mode. It's not appropriate for everybody. Because it changes the connection process for people who want to connect with you because it will put the Follow button instead of the connect button, though last month actually, when we were exploring that and asked the LinkedIn and John a question, we did notice that they removed that one pop up that used to say that used to be that you clicked on somebody's connect button, which you would have to get to through the more More button, as I showed, but if you went there and you clicked on Connect to someone who had the Follow button and creator mode, you get this pop up saying hey, so and so wants you to follow them, are you sure you really want to connect and you'd have to click on so was this really cumbersome process, it appears that they've taken that part of it out. But again, people still have to know well, if I see a Follow button, I need to click on the More button if I actually want to connect to them. And there's a lot of people still use LinkedIn who are not very advanced, not even intermediate they're very they're not sophisticated users and they can get confused by that process. Thanks Holly geez, allergies, though, are syncing up differently up here than they did but so you just want to be be cognizant of that. Or also to if you're using the Follow button another thing is that in your getting followers to be mindful of monitoring who those followers are and if those are in your if you see any more in your target market, reach out and connect to them if they only followed you because there's a good chance that they're in your target market. They may not have thought or knew how to connect with you and you will Gonna grab those connections because that's a two way relationship as opposed to a one way, which is the follow. So, excuse me one moment, sorry. Yeah. So that is the first part of a really big benefit. And to me that is a huge being able to have this link at the top of your website with a one click thing that that's huge for LinkedIn. And that's a big reason to I've always said, when you create your your profile background, you want to put your website address very clear there. While it's not clickable. A lot of people don't still don't know that you have to click on Contact info to open up and get to those those actual clickable links to send people to your website. And one of the main things people want to do is drive traffic to your website. While we're here, though, I'm going to diverge this next thing I'm going to mention which we talked about last month in regular dojo, ask LinkedIn injure was a new announcement, it just occurred to me that it's new enough that I should reiterate it, but you do not have to be in creator mode for this part of it. But the providing services they've added to the Services page, extra, more stuff that you can actually have some media now that you can add to your services page, which is tied to your profile, this is a separate page from your company page, you can connect to them. But it right now, it's been fairly bare bones, you have like 500 characters to put in terms of writing what it's about. The big benefit has always been that people could connect kit can message you right away. Let me see your pack. Do you have your services page set up? Yes. Okay.

Let me so let me to give an outsider's view, I'll go ahead and pull up tags to show people what it looks like since unfortunately, it's you can't look at your own profile and your own stuff, as other people would. So oops, went down a little too low. Wait, out there, you're providing services. So we'll click on the See details. So this is here, this quest proposal button. This is what allows people to message you whether they're connected or not. So as a free InMail essentially, has been one of the biggest benefits of having this function on your your profile. You know, the other actually adding the company Oh, you connected yours. Actually, I don't know if I connected mine. So this is where you can connect your page to your services page. I didn't realize it wasn't following your page. So go ahead and do that. Now there are limits to the services that you can list. LinkedIn has a set list, you can only pick the ones that they've identified, you can pick up to 10 of them to list on your services page for that. So here, you know, post. Oh, okay, so other people can share. That's an I don't know how often that's going to happen. But I guess you have that ability. Now I don't recall seeing that. But But send in a message which will be this will be sharing. So if I knew someone who could use peg services, I'd be able to send a link directly to her page to a connection would be kind of how you could could do that. Now, going back to let me come back over here. What you can do here requests, you can go in and I've just nothing you can request that people will hear people requests your service, I guess that's actually kind of new that it's showing up here because that used to be part of the inbox. We're going to talk about that a review status. You have no reviews yet. But if you go back to your page, you can invite people to review at this point. So if you have if you're connected to clients, you can come in and you can ask them to review your page and you can get actual star ratings. Now this services page is also tied to LinkedIn, new marketplaces, that's not fully rolled out yet, which is the replacement of Profinder. Where those ratings are going to ideally be tied to if people hire you directly through LinkedIn that has actually been there, which that is a process, it's not going to be done is not planned to be done until about the end of this year, the new LinkedIn marketplace where people can actually hire people for services through LinkedIn. And then those reviews will be tied to people who've actually done the hiring. But to kind of kick things off, for those who have a services page, you can invite up to 20 people past clients to come in and give you a review. So I'd highly encourage you to do that. But the newest thing here is the ability to add some media, some visuals, to your services page. So you can add images, you can add a video. And you can also add links to relevant sites or pages on your websites, it looks like you can only have eight of those. So you want to be judicious with it. But you definitely want to come in and add this media, if you have the Services page.

You know, well, well, they're not doing, we're getting a whole lot of out of it right now, when people do go to your profile, they that is one of the first things that they see. And so you will have people if they're they've run a search specifically for what you're doing, will come through, they will click through and look at that. So add, go ahead and add that media and be very strategic with it as being tied to services, because people who are looking at this page are looking specifically to hire you. And so you want to be you know, cognizant of that. So think about work, exam work product examples, you know, descriptions, and you know, maybe, and actually, Lauren, I know you're on air, you love your one pagers, this would be where you put one of your one pagers, for your different services, you could do that, or actually what I would do, instead of using since you only have eight slots, well, no, it's only one image at a video, she can you actually upload the video, you can upload the video, you might want to create a mini video, if you're static, like if you have like, say, like fliers, and just like hold that flyer there for you know, certainly create maybe like a mini video of that type of stuff to add here, since you only get eight of them might be kind of a neat thing to do, instead of using up multiple slots for one, one image or one document, you know, create a slow moving video of like brochures where people, you know, which I'm kind of surprised with all their media and how much they love their documents for the posts, which you can then page through it when they're multiple pages that that is not an option here. That is actually kind of lame that that's not listed here. But so that would be that would be my recommendation. If say you have some brochure type of stuff is you can create kind of a slow moving video that would give people time to kind of read it, but they'd also be able to pause it, you know, so to think about doing something like that, as opposed to just, you know, maybe sending them, you know, I'd be careful with using not using too many links, because again, once they use send someone away from this page, they're not going to there's not a good chance that they're going to come back and look at everything else. So maybe setting up your media so that you have more of the static images or videos that they consume right here. And then the last thing may be being a link, because once you send them to that link there, they may not come back, or whatever link you're sending them to make sure on your web page, you have maybe some some breadcrumbs or calls to action CTAs at the bottom of each one to take them to the next place that you would want them to go. So being being very mindful of when you use a link here, that when whatever you send them to that it will also then continue the journey into the information you want them to see making sure that you you format it that way in order to make sure that you get them the information that you really want them to have. So the services pages are they're becoming more dynamic, which when they first launched them and they were pretty lame. I thought I expected them to become better, they're still not quite as better, you know, as I would have hoped, you know, especially given what they've done with company pages for product companies,

which actually, if you go to product company pages, and this will only appear for certain industries, when your pages attach to certain industries, you can actually list the products and get reviews on the products, there still are no and LinkedIn has to approve those. It's not like the old days when way, way, way, way, way back many, many eons ago now in LinkedIn terms, you'd could list your products, and you could get reviews. And you could just do that all on your own with the product pages. Now, your products actually have to go through a LinkedIn review process to verify that they are actually a product. So you can't force a service as a product on those pages, which is just kind of laying which I've not, I've not gone into too much detail with that, because most of the people who come to LinkedIn ninja are more service based and it's not necessarily been relevant to dig too much into, since they are really watching that and preventing you from gaming it or growth hacking it, which is what I would do, anyways, they've kind of prevented that part of it. But so that is the Services page. And the newest addition is the ability to add some some media to that. So if you've got a service page, you may want to go in and take revisits, if you've not looked at it in a while, you know, having that link there, too, you know, so like, I put an actual link to my calendar here, it's not clickable, but people could copy and paste it, you know, that would be where be strategic with your links with the media, and find ways since you don't have the document format, to maybe leverage the video format to get as much bang for your buck since you can only have eight of them. So that would be my recommendation. With that. So going back then to creator mode, then the big the big announcement here are these the ability, there's two things happening in this post that I put out last night.

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This is one, this button

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 37:20
that you can put in, you can actually put a hyperlink to an image, as opposed to sharing a link, which we all know that LinkedIn still is penalizing people who post links and send people away from LinkedIn. I've been asking some of the other LinkedIn experts if they've been noticing if like this is it gets penalized, or it's still a little too early to see what think not, since they just it's a brand new feature. And we know how LinkedIn loves their new features. And they try to encourage people to use them, at least stuff like this. But when you click on the button, that gives you the link to follow. And so this is the the landing page for people to come into it attend this training that we're in right now. But what you'll also notice here with this post is that I've got this fun, colorful background, I have this fun, you know, fonts. And I did not create this in Canva. I did not go use an outside an outside software, or to be able to create this visual that we have right here. I was able to do this directly in LinkedIn. That's kind of a big deal. So this is where we get into using the mobile app because you can only do this on the mobile app. So here. Can someone just unmute themselves and chime in? Because I'm not looking to let me know that you can see this screen? Yes, okay. This I wasn't sure that, like I said, the Samsung Dex app, which lets you use your mobile on your laptop, sometimes it doesn't play well. So so if you want to create an A post like that, so you click on your post button. And what you'll notice here in this drop down, you'll see use a template, that's the option that you're going to want to pick. Now this works very much like the Facebook version of this a little bit different in terms of being able to change the fonts just show you how to do it. But if you use Facebook and you're familiar with all of these preset backgrounds that you can pick from that's basically what what they have is a whole bunch of different backgrounds that you can select, which one you want to use, you know some with fun little, you know, colors that you can find right now you can find some like the one that I picked those are that's pretty close. Most of my brand colors, it's not exactly my forte, but it was actually pretty darn close. I don't even see that. Where did that one go? Hmm. But so you pick it now, the what would be really cool about this. And she was one of the other LinkedIn experts I know, I think it was Beth Granger, who's been in communication with LinkedIn, kind of about these because she was part of their Creator. She had like a creator manager, that they would actually I think they might have taken away they've been doing some crazy things with giving people their own LinkedIn creator managers, and then they even gave some LinkedIn experts on but then I've heard they like pulled that pulled away from giving them to LinkedIn experts, I don't know something were going crazy. But she has officially submitted this request would be the ability for us to create our own branded background to use for our posts. Now that would be yay, that would be awesome. You know, for right now we've got to deal with what LinkedIn gives us. But basically, you would just click it up here. And this is where you be able to type whatever it is that you wanted. If you notice down here, the button there you see the little palette for that's picking the background, but right next to it, this will give us our options to change up the font, if we want. And I would highly recommend don't ever use cursive fonts on social media are harder. But But here, you can pick some other fonts that that will stand out better than the just the regular regular font that appears like you can't necessarily format in terms of you know, bolding some of it, you can't change the spacing of it. But you can do some fun, some fun stuff with with that. And actually, if you click on done by click select in the background, click on Done.

I'm not actually going to go all the way through and post this because I'm going to show you through the process though. But I did yesterday when I doing this, I added hashtags into this copy and I got a pop up that said hashtags don't work in this. So if you were to put a hashtag in the text, basically, it's gonna turn into an image, they are not recognized as LinkedIn as hashtags. But once you get to this point, it's still hat gives you the ability to treat it like any other posts. So if you wanted, you could still say something, you still have your 3000 characters up here where you can add your hashtags and, and your tags. And people if you wanted to do that, to me, for the most part, you're doing this because you just want this part of the image to kind of stand out, you know, more like an Instagram type of scenario. I'm not going to post this, obviously. But, but that's kind of how this this works. The do have this also is kind of a new thing where you can save a draft of a post. Now it's not just like like the articles. Now you can save drafts. And you can have multiple drafts, you can if you save it, I mean, you think I'm gonna go ahead back and save it. When you want to actually post, you have to either post that one or discard it. So that is kind of a new type of thing. So it's if you oops, I didn't mean to do that may open that back up. So if you wanted, if you got stuck in the middle of something, you can save that now I don't remember, actually, let's go ahead and check me to go back here. If you are on the desktop, if you can save a draft of a post. Let me just start something or if that might be a mobile only thing again, which I don't know about you. But I actually hate creating posts, especially long text posts on my mobile app, because let me see here. Do Do I see an option to save? No, I don't. So again that is appears to be only or actually here. Oh, yep, there we go. Discard Save as Draft. So you can actually you can save a draft on desktop as well, which can come in handy because we all know just all of a sudden you're in the middle of something of doing a post you get a phone call, something happens. But you actually have to go through that process of accessing it out to close it. LinkedIn will give you the option to discard it or save it as a draft. So if you happen to just you're in the middle of a post and you accidentally move away from on your LinkedIn page, navigate away from LinkedIn actually click on another button on your your bookmarks bar or something like that it is not going to by default, save it as draft, you actually have to go through that process. But that does kind of that does come in handy. So it's definitely a good thing. A good thing to have for that. So let me see here, what else see images links, but oh, the the link process of creating the link that went in with that post. So when you're creating a post, let's go back to that. And again, this is only

Unknown Speaker 45:39
in, let me see here, I want to discard this one.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 45:47
This only works for creating an image when you're when you're creating a post. So if I'm going to create a post, and I want to add a photo now again, when you're doing this, you have to pick photos from

Unknown Speaker 46:06
your phone.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 46:09
So let me see your do I have camera have all kinds of crazy. Yeah, this is one thing I wasn't thinking about. Here. We'll pick the turkey vulture that was hanging out and you can create multiples, he was hanging out on top of the poll. And I took a picture of him. But once you add your image on the bottom here, you'll see there's edit text link. This is a sticker link. And so what you would do is you put the URL, you can't you want to go to a specific page for this. And then you can add your links, link text, you only have 30 characters for that. So just for the heck of it. Let me see here

oops. You don't have to actually type the link out. Actually, I mean, just do done. Ninja

Unknown Speaker 47:31
website. Oops, I'm gonna go over

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 47:36
site. Now what's really cool, one thing I'm going to tell you, you're gonna want to do, especially if it's a longer links, so like for the post I did last night that had the, you know, a slash special dash, ATL N press, LinkedIn ninja, click on Preview link. Because it will take you and it will show you if it's actually go if you typed it right. You know, the worst thing you want to do is do one of these because you can't go in and edit it. That was one thing I found. Even this this text like I yesterday had put like an apostrophe s or whatever. And for some reason, the punctuation, it appears that like a pop like punctuation will not appear. So it was like LinkedIn space S instead of the apostrophe s. And so I you can't go in and edit it once you set this. So you can delete the whole button, but you cannot go in and edit it. So preview the link, make sure you to double check and make sure you've typed it correctly, and you're not going to send everybody to a 404 Your worst thing to do is to send somebody to a 404 page. For those who don't know, 404 pages basically means there, there is no such page on this website. So you want to go ahead and do that. Click on done. And so here's your button. What's really cool is you can move the button, wherever it is that you want to move it to. So that comes in handy. So whatever your picture is, it doesn't have to mess up the picture. Now. It's white, it's got the link, it'd be kind of cool if you could change the color. But let me see your so text when you click on this would be to Oh, actually, I don't recall seeing you can actually add on the turkey vulture. This is it. I just can change up what it looks like. So you can actually not add text to the image. You see here. It should doesn't let me move that around too. Yep, lets me move that around too. So maybe using my Samsung decks a lot more because doing this stuff on the mobile at least to me. It's a lot more common. Yeah, more complicated, but so you can have text and your bus and all at the same time. They're they're different. And again, then your images here. I'm assuming I can't see my buttons because the previews not showing that. I'm

Unknown Speaker 50:15
actually let's go ahead

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 50:21
add text and link to image posts now. Only use only using the mobile app not on desktop. Also have to be creative. And then hashtag thing LinkedIn posts to social media. Hashtag LinkedIn ninja. Crystal Thies. Before

Unknown Speaker 51:08
you post that. Yep. I don't have creator and I tried to get in on my phone to use the templates. And don't let me do that. Oh, really? Okay. Well, maybe

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 51:18
they changed that, then let me

Unknown Speaker 51:22
you know, still may

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 51:28
be rolling out. Make sure. Oops. You updated to the latest

Unknown Speaker 51:42
mobile app, as well.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 51:45
Thanks for that. They originally they had said that that was creator mode only. So maybe they got some pushback. And or maybe it was just easier to apply, I would say probably easier just to apply to everybody than just those in creator mode. But that's a good thing to know, because I'd heard it was creator mode only. So thanks for sharing that thing. But I'm gonna go ahead and post that. What is it post successful view posts join in this? Okay, so they're React Native developer community. So what this is where LinkedIn is recommended, you know, where they do these things? What would me posting a picture of a turkey vulture have to do with joining that group? It's kind of weird. I don't sometimes the things that they try to do to encourage activity engagement just don't make sense. I'm sorry, it just done. And that did not make any sense whatsoever. For that, so but so what do you guys think about that? I'm going to unmute yourself, what do you think about that? That post concept of using the backgrounds and the the links in images? What do you guys think? I love it.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
And I especially love that I don't have to flip over to creator mode. So I'm gonna practice.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 53:12
Yeah, I think it's time for you to be you need to be creator mode at this point tag. I

Unknown Speaker 53:17
think. I know. I know.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 53:23
The ELI, Doug. Katherine, what do you guys think?

Nope. Okay, so let's see here. The next thing we're going to talk about is talking about the audio or the message box first, that's the one I do not have. I have some images. So LinkedIn has been talking in the media and stuff for quite a while that they were revamping the inbox, which actually watch me open it up now and all of a sudden I got it, but let me refresh just in case. No such luck. Okay, so what they're doing, I was really hoping one thing I hate about the inbox is that everything is all in one line, whether you've sent it whether you've received it, even if you open up the filters here, there's no way to to look for messages received to make sure you didn't miss any. And even if you do unread, you know a lot of time, all you have to do is if you click on it once it becomes red even if you don't remember doing it, you'd have to know to go and mark up go up here and say mark is unread to remember that it hadn't been read. So, you know, I've really not been a fan when they move to this chat format as opposed to an email format, that it's really hard to find the messages that are you know, Get separating based on what which ones did I receive versus which ones did I send? You know, especially if you're using a very active Lead Gen system, which my only Gen system has a lot of messaging, and you're sending out a lot of messages, the messages you receive, they get lost. If you're sending out 2030 messages a day, it gets lost. And so it's really, really hard to do that. Now. Oops, I didn't mean to do that. Let me go back here. Now one thing, I'm not seeing any right now, because I don't have any new ones. But they have also to which I hate that it disappears because people forget about it. But this message request box. So if you open up your message request box, this is the box where people will send you messages that are not connections, if you happen to be in a group with them. If you happen to have said you're going to an event, you're able to message other people who said they're going to the event. This is where messages come from your services page, because they're message requests until you actually respond back and accept the or accept the message. Is here's an accept or decline, you can see it'll tell you via b2b marketing, which that's a group. So it says you're both members of via the professional assistant masterclass. So that's an event, you can accept it, once you accept it, it will go into your regular message box. But a lot of the messages you receive, especially if you get notifications via email, and you come into your inbox, you're like, wait a minute, I remember seeing that message. But where is it, it's not here, you have to remember to go into see if I go back to the inbox, click on your three dots and go to this message request box is where some of them may be hiding. LinkedIn will mark some as spam. So you can go in or messages that you've marked as spam, they don't automatically get deleted, they sit there, you can archive messages, if you want to get them out of your inbox, you can open those up looks like actually sponsored, will will archive after a certain amount of time. But what they've changed that's happening now pull up an image here is that there's creating two tabs. Let me go ahead and that will happen at in that that left column one will say focused, the other will say other and their algorithm is going to determine what goes into each tab. So the idea being that people you regularly message with or that you've had some sort of engagement with their messages are going to go into focus. And then the the stuff that they that LinkedIn deems not relevant to you, or from what I've been hearing pretty much anything that would have been marked as spam message. So I don't know if they're actually getting rid of the spam box and everything else was going to go into other but basically a lot of the junky messages from what people are saying just Landon in other anyways. So yeah, that's pretty much what the big changes they've been working on. Now you can yourself. Oops, why is that one not, it's only letting me show racier,

open up. The second image, you can yourself when you're on a an actual image or an actual message using the three dots, you can move one, if it was in focus, you can move it over the other if you didn't want it to be there. So it gives you a little bit of that. But from what I've seen, that's kind of the this big, improving the inbox they've been talking about forever. That's kind of it's, you know, kind of underwhelming, in my opinion. I do not have it yet. I've been hearing it's been enrolled, I've been seeing some people announcing that oh, yeah, I just got it. So you can double check to see if you have it. But until you kind of get my hands on it. It's kind of hard to know but I think we still need better filtering we need better it if that's the all that is to the big change. Hopefully maybe there'll be some more changes coming if they especially if they don't get a lot of positive feedback. But so far most people have been very underwhelmed with what it is that we're seeing with this big inbox change and this is the newest one that they that they've been announced and I don't know It to me, this is where it all comes down. It's all based on the AI as to how helpful it is. And as we've seen there there are parts of LinkedIn AI that works really well, some of it that doesn't, you know, so we'll we'll we'll just have to wait and see. Does anybody out there? Do you guys have this? Have you noticed it? Have you been working with it? If you've had it for a while? No. Okay. Okay, so let's talk a little bit about well, audio events are still fairly new. If you, if you haven't played around with those I have not yet played around with them. So audio events are the equivalent of, Oh, my God, I just blanked on the name of that app that became really popular during the pandemic. Somebody you guys know the one that I'm talking about. But LinkedIn has been it's taken them a while they finally created their own. So you can, they're, they're just mixed in with regular events. So if you want to host one, when you start the event function, here, they have event type than here event when you select Online, LinkedIn audio event. So I've participated in a few, you know, so there's, you don't have to worry about video, they're all just audio, they work very much the same as the other audio platforms, audio event platforms. You know, so thinking about how you can leverage this for a conversation, and then building it into regular good event strategy. There's a lot that you can do with LinkedIn events. Now, and I've been meaning to, I haven't had a chance to do a full on workshop around events, but setting up standard, you know, recurring events that are either weekly or monthly, actually weekly, if you can put one in and you can make it audio if you didn't want to be on on camera, you can do LinkedIn lives are events. So LinkedIn is putting a lot into this event platform. So now the rumor though, that I've heard so right now, audio events can only be done. Oops, wait, I did not mean to do that can only be done from a person.

So here when I switched it, now I switched it from me to my page, the event format, now went to just LinkedIn live or external event link. So if you're going to do it live, so there is no audio version right now. But I've heard, and actually, LinkedIn went down for a little bit yesterday, from what I heard, I didn't experience it, but from what I heard in the grapevine, but some were thinking, because LinkedIn is rolling out audio events to pages. So there could have been something going on with that. So if you're doing events, and you want audio events, but you want them from your page, then that that function is there. Now what's really great about hosting events from your page is that you can take advantage of the use LinkedIn registration form, instead of sending them away. whole strategy that's really, really powerful for using this because you can then integrate, you can download the people who sign up and register the event into your email platform to send them the reminders and all of that using regular LinkedIn. Now they do have to opt in to receiving regular marketing email, but you can't when you create an event from your page and you use the LinkedIn registration form, you are allowed to email them about the actual event. So when I do that, and I haven't done one in a little while I did it earlier this year. And they just by time I decided to let's open up this so LinkedIn engine everybody there just wasn't enough time to make it worthwhile for all the work is it each day we would download everybody because you get the email addresses of everyone who signed up and then we put them into a reminder sequence. And then also to this is where you really powerful strategy to move people from because most people are not going to check the little box that says yes, they can send me marketing materials. But what you do then is in the reminder, say hey, by the way, here's this free guide or I here's the download of something that will complement the event coming up if you want it, go get it and when they have to sign up for that then they're getting and me permission to put them on their my regular email list. And then the last part is after the event, if it's a recorded event, which all my events usually are, I can then send them an email saying, Hey, if you want access to the recording, here it is. And when they go get the link to the recording, they actually have to register to get access to the recording. And in doing that, you put yourself back onto my email list. Of course, you can opt out at any time. But and it clearly states that if you want to watch this recording, you're putting yourself on your email list. So it you know, LinkedIn events, using the company page is a really powerful way to transfer people from LinkedIn into your, your email list when you do it the right way. And so if you like the idea of audio events, when LinkedIn rolls that out to pages, you'll be able to do that that way, as well. So it's kind of a, it is a very powerful feature. But you know, the audio events are interactive, it's not just you on Zoom that's done directly through LinkedIn, the audio is you can let other people come in and talk. So that the rumor is that those are coming audio events are coming to company pages as well. So then, let's

hit one more area that I wanted to talk about was actually company pages, which I mentioned one of them already. But in this, this is something they they rolled out a little while ago, I've not seen a lot of benefit, and they're still kind of pretty wonky. But it is one of those things if you're trying to generate leads on LinkedIn that you definitely want to take advantage of. And that is the ability to have a lead form on your page where you can actually capture leads. So I added this in my banner, because you don't know it's there. Let me click on View as member to kind of show you what it what it looks like. Because you can do that with a company page you can do with your profile, but you can do that with your company page. But this is different than the button to send people to your website. So people land it on on your company page and they scroll down here is where this call to action is free guide baby steps to LinkedIn Success not sure where to start, click on button to get started. This is where it pulls up that list. And this is the same form that people fill out when you use register with LinkedIn using the events. And so by default, it pulls in your email address, you can change it if you want it to give a different email address. And then they have this little box here LinkedIn Minge ninja may contact me via email in order to give consent for regular email marketing, they would have needed to mark that and then they submit it. Now the thing is, is that as the page owner, one I did not. I have had people although they're not showing up right now, because it's been a while I have had people fill this out. When I'm on my homepage here new leads. This is where where they would show up. And so this is the last 90 days. I guess the whole it disappears because I have had people fill it out. But I by the time I found out I came in and I looked it had been like a month later. And I haven't gotten any notification about somebody filling this out. Now here's the big kind of, I guess issue with exactly how does this work is that they filled this out to let me know that they're interested in it. But it's not like they got a link to go get whatever this is. So I have to actually reach you have to manually reach out to them in order to give them the link or the the content that they're requesting by using this lead gen form. So you have to actually reach out to them to do that. So if you're interested in doing the lead gen form, you would click on the Edit Page button is where you're going to find that. And in the far left navigation here is lead gen form. So the you have three or four options for the CTA you cannot customize it, you do have to provide a link to your privacy policy. This is the same as in events. If you're using the register with LinkedIn, you have to provide a link to your your privacy policy. You can put a 50 character headline, the copy you have 200 characters, and then this little icon, LinkedIn ads that you don't get to make any any changes to that. And so what I'm going to tell you is if you're going to do this one, you need to have people coming to your page on a regular basis. I would do it even if you didn't because if they happen to find it, but you'd want to be investing Some time in adding, making sure you're posting on a regular basis, which I have not done. I've been bad about that. Growing your followers, which this is something we've talked about, it's fairly new, and you know this this past year, where you can now invite connections, again, to follow your page. Actually, they upped it, it used to be only 100 per month. It's now 250. If the people accept, you get your credit back. So if you go in and you invite 250 people to follow your page, if 20 of them actually follow back, you get those credits back to you during that month. If not, they reset the first of the month, you get another 250 to be able to do that. So you may want to, if you're going to be using those types of tools, also, then this is the best and easiest way to start to grow your following. And then of course, if you're growing your following, you need to be posting for that. So just leveraging your page altogether. And same post best practice types of things

are important for the page versus you know, the person your personal posting, which as we know, getting good posts is constantly a moving target in terms of what LinkedIn likes, what the algorithm will read, and it will reward you for and the like. So those are kind of the new things. Is anyone else seen other new things out there? Because I don't always likes it. LinkedIn doesn't always announce the changes. I don't always get them first. So how about you guys? Anybody see anything new that I missed? Or that maybe, to me is older, and I didn't think relevant to bring up I'm happy to go over any other newer, newish features that you have questions about at this point?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14
Crystal, one question I had with some of my clients I've been trying to like on the contact information when you could go in and put a website. You can choose whether it says work blank other and we always used to say choose other and then customize what that said, Right. I've been able to keep mine customized. But I haven't been able to customize my clients.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:12:44
I have heard that that has disappeared. Yeah, that really sucks. Because now it just seems the other now that you bring that up, I have I have heard from some other LinkedIn experts that same frustration that it has disappeared. So I wasn't sure if it was a it was a definite type of thing. So for those of you who are using this, what Peggy is talking about in the is the ability to actually add the text. So when you're doing your websites, your three websites, let me scroll down here. The type instead of picking these just standard labels of selecting other and being able to customize the text that goes next to that. So from what people have been seeing is that they've removed the other option and you have to actually pick one of the labels is that correct? Peg?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:41
Yeah, it'll say other there but you can't customize it and so be careful if so the label just says other so you and I both have it kind of grandfathered in. So that's the other point is if you already have that, be careful because like if you want to change it you might you can't don't

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:14:01
remove it. Yeah, so don't don't remove one of these, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:06
Yeah, you can't even edit that. Oh, you

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:14:09
right and that's what I was just looking at the whole field for that that text is gone. It's gone. Yeah. You can't even edit the text No.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
Which is really too bad because I think that was a differentiator you know, help them stand out.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:14:27
I agree. I agree. So you're stuck with what you got. Basically got stuck

Unknown Speaker 1:14:36
with what you got. You don't want to change it and people

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:14:39
go when you pick other now then because you said others still there it just says other is that all? Yes. Which is even worse. Yeah. So what that also to means is that you definitely cannot use you definitely do not want to use, like tracking links and bitly links You want, though you want people to be able actually see the domain of the website to trust to click it.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
Right, exactly.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:15:10
Because people, I mean, you, it's just not safe to click links that you don't know where they're going to. Or even like

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
a Calendly. Link, if somebody's not familiar with what Calendly is, we don't have the option to put, you know, schedule with me here or something. Use what the link is.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:15:31
Yeah, I actually just realized I need to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
Oh, yeah. You're not there anymore.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:15:48
Might as well go ahead and do that while I'm there? So, okay, well, good. Good. That good catching good recommendation? Because yeah, that that part really sucks. Because I have always, I've always said use other. So you do have anybody else? Anybody else seen anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
New Eli, Doug.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:16:22
Okay, so what we'll do now is we'll go into the kind of the Ask the LinkedIn, Ninja part of it, where people submit questions. I usually only answer the questions if people are here. But that's usually Dojo members. So I know that I see at least

Unknown Speaker 1:16:43
a couple of people who have paid to

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:16:47
be here just for this that asked question, so see your dog, what is, in your opinion, the most impactful of the changes being made? To me, it's the links with the images. Because you know, the number one thing that everybody always wants to do is they want to drive traffic to their website, to get people out of LinkedIn. So the ability to have those links, especially if LinkedIn is not going to treat the post, as a link post, it will allow for easier promotion of things. So just think about it like promoting events and webinars and things like that has been really, really hard on LinkedIn with how the algorithm treats, links. So that like, if you want to do a post of like, Hey, we got this great webinar coming up and share the link for people to go to the landing page of the webinar. It didn't work, it didn't go anywhere, for the most part, because it was promotional, and LinkedIn doesn't want to help you promote for free, they want you to pay, you know, use the ads to promote something. And so if you can now use an image and then still put that promotional link in the image, and it's not treated the way it was before, you know, you still have to watch the copy in the post. You know, because the algorithm does pick up promotional copy in terms of how you actually promote the event. But if you're able to use those links, in the images, to drive traffic to more promotional types of things, without being penalized to me, I think that's a really, really the biggest change that is most beneficial from a lead gen standpoint. Eli, as how do you get great ideas to post about I did a workshop last fall. And actually, it also did it for the dojo members. It's in the library for those Dojo members who are here are watching that later on is called the LinkedIn ninjas easy posting system, to me the way what LinkedIn wants for posts. Nowadays, they want conversations, they want text posts, and that's why when they

they increase the character count in a post from 1300 characters to 3000 characters. So that tells you they want you to tell a story, they want you to set something up, that is a conversation. And the best conversations you can come up with are the things that you're having with actual clients with actual prospects, the things that you're talking about everyday but but bringing them into in a way that sets up a conversation. So like the LinkedIn ninja, easy posting system, just kind of walk you through I demonstrate the tech and that is actually taking advantage of dictation software. So let's say you have an appointment with a client, maybe it's a new client and you're talking to them and all that and when you're working with your clients, you have those learning moments that come up in oftentimes are the same things date, you know, time after time or they give you a really great example of a key points that would help people that when you're done with that meeting, and when you're kind of doing a debrief is to open up, basically, I recommend having two standard word documents. And actually, you can use word if you're using Office 365, you can use their dictation, or you can use otter, which is my other favorite one, you know, Google, Google Docs has a dictation, it's not quite as good in terms of how cleanly it captures it. But I say create a standard template that's for post ideas. And basically, you open that up, you put the date on it, you click on the dictate icon in Word, and basically, you tell the story. So you know, when I was talking to a client, and so such and such happened, and we were talking about this, and you know, basically, and then the format I have is that you start with shocking off, tell the story, what's the moral of the story, and then encourage engagement, you know, and then add your hashtags and your emojis to add color, that's kind of the format to it. But using those teaching moments, and bringing it down to regular people, you know, getting rid of the jargon. But what matters to the rest of us that are out there reading it, that we're not the expert, you are, bring that story to where it is something that's relevant to us where we have something that we could say about it, because it's going to maybe trigger an experience and opinion that we have where we're going to comment on it. In those are the types of things you really, really want to post on actually have to check if you if anyone's interested in that workshop that's not in the dojo, when you can join the dojo, the Dojo is $67 a month. And actually, I haven't put it out there. But for those who joined today, who are here, today, I am going to offer a discounted rate to get into that, and that's in the library. Or if you wanted to buy that one off, I think we were in the process of setting it up before I started moving. My move, it was just a painful, awful, long drawn out process. And so I'm just now getting back into things. You know, I'm going to be making that available for individual purchase, if you're interested in kind of seeing that that system, I have a version for financial advisors and a version for just regular every other people but I originally created the process for financial advisors, because I know they have these teaching moments that they're talking about all the time, and but in a way to present it so that it doesn't seem like you're teaching because you're leveraging the people, the people situation that you're talking to, of course, you don't identify them, you don't say who they are. But their situation is what people are going to be able to resonate with. And then you applying that kind of teaching moment to it in that story. And of course, starting with shock and awe, you have to start with shock and awe to get people to stop their scroll. So you know, it's a bit of a process. But that's kind of just to kind of top line, you know how you can go about doing that. But since then, so basically, once you've dictated that, you know, because you don't need to post every single day on LinkedIn, you need to be committed to really because it's going to take a while to break through that. But once a week, a couple times a week, the algorithm you because the algorithm wants you to give space for people to come in and engage with your posts, which is why you don't want to post too close together at least 24 hours separating that.

But but to give them time to comment. So what you do is then you set up your time each week that you want to go in and pick your post. So then you go to your the document that has all of the dictations can scroll through pick which one you want, copy it, and you put it into your second document, where you then refine it, you know, using formatting to create that empty space. And to do that, and then you'll be able to copy and paste that into creating your post. And that's kind of the the posting system that I put together, out there. So I it's really a great system, it's in the library for those who are Dojo members, if you're not a dojo member, and you're interested in something like that, and getting that type of training, joining would be a good thing. Or if you're just interested in that individual training. Reach out to me and let me know. And I'll I'll definitely whether I'm setting it up for everybody. I'll let you buy into it as if you because that was a paid training a paid workshop because it was a system. Those are the things I charge for that I'd be happy to give you access to it if you wanted to see that. So that is how, you know take take your great ideas or from the things you're saying all the time, it's just all about then how do you format them to make them relevant? Because also two people don't come to LinkedIn. They don't want to come to get a degree in finance or a degree in whatever your area of expertise is. And so don't try to educate them that way by teaching them Oh, this is what a 401k is. Nobody wants to come to LinkedIn to learn about that and I definitely don't want to comment about it. So you've got to bring those teaching moments into things that are relevant to everybody's regular life for them to, you know, to, to be able to want to engage. Because if people don't comment on it, they don't engage with it, the algorithm will stop showing it. So it's about what other people want to want to talk about, not about what you want them to hear. It's, it's tough, it's tough. How often should I refresh my profile. As often as you have something new to say, definitely, you refreshing comes depends on which parts of your profile, you know, there's, there's so many your featured section, you should look at refreshing on a regular basis, you know, adding, adding that new content, LinkedIn created this full section to be dynamic, you know, you can add posts, if you have a post that's getting engagement, add the posts into your features. So that way, when people come to your profile, you may encourage engagement to it, you definitely want to change that up. You know, your headline is a key part for search optimization. And so you know, changing that up, you now have 220 characters, of course, they all don't show when people see you, because your your your headline is most important because it follows you around, but it doesn't show the whole thing. When you're on the homepage, oops, actually may go ahead and go since I have my profile open there, oops, and actually, well, just so we're here, as you can see, here, it follows you around, and then you get the dot dot dots. So you want to front load it with what's most important. But actually, a little while ago, I realized that I, the things I that I was wanting to be found for it kind of changed a little bit, I didn't have the term lead generation LinkedIn lead generation in my headline. So I added that, or you if you find you've done something and you're not getting as many profile views or people you're not showing up in as many searches as you used to come and change, change that up. You know, that part of it in terms of other stuff that you should be changing on a regular basis, you know, the trying to get recommendations is always important publications, your any projects, any of that stuff, that's new honors, and awards. And remember, you don't have to have a certificate or a trophy, for it to make sense. In the honors and awards section, if you're, if you've been honored by it, it's it fits, you know, so as as you get this new stuff, make sure you're coming in and updating it, you know, your experience section,

you can break it out into multiples, too, you know, if you add a new layer to your business or something like that a new project or a new vertical or new target market, you can add that in your your, your profile really should always be dynamic, it's never finished, you know, when you have something new change up the background photo, you know, in the past, when I've done big events, I will change the background photo with a you know, with info on that event and, and a call to action and actually back then I didn't have this handy dandy little link that I could put now I have that and you can change you know, change that up and come up with a new lead magnet, you know, that's what you want to do there. So changing up your background photo is probably one of the easiest ways to to change up and freshen up also to your your, your your video, you can change that up, you know, on a regular basis, you know, really good thing that you can do to connect your profile photo, or your video, your profile video with your featured section, which I do if you're gonna listen to it, I tell people about my baby steps to LinkedIn Success, which is my free guide. And it's the first thing in my featured items. So I always keep that there so that I draw people I tell people about it there and they can come here and they can click on it and they can get it so being you know, smart and strategic with how you coordinate those two things, you know, your your profile, your video and your featured section tying them together or now this lead gen link you can do that this the same thing. So it really comes down to what's going on and being smart about that. And you know, the more active you are in terms of you know, in the newsfeed if you're commenting and engaging, that's one of the best ways to drive more traffic back to your profile. You know as you can see My numbers are horrible, because I've just with with with the move the last two and a half close to three months of selling the other house getting it ready in it getting this house ready. And it's just been a nightmare. And I've just had to take the time off. And so I've not been here and I've not been active. And now I've got to build that back up. But those are the things that I would say that you'd want to do in terms of regularly changing up your profile. for that. Let's see hear more about the changes. So let's see here. Steven asks, Do people ever use LinkedIn b2b as their source of draw leads to their websites? Yes, obviously, I think we've covered a lot of those. Use strategic you can strategically use posts and newsletters. Steve, just recently, he's I did not see him here show up live. He recently reached out to me, he's fairly new in terms of those conversations. But as we've seen, there's lots of different ways that you can use LinkedIn for lead generation. Let's see, I'll talk to him about profile. And in terms of, you know, integrating your, you know, your LinkedIn activity with your website. It's really important, actually, in terms of the foundation of thinking about your website, do I have lead magnets. And if so, do they have their own landing page so that I can share that link directly to it on LinkedIn both on my profile, but as well as in the other interactive components of it. So making sure that you have that making sure you have your both the you know, one of the things if you're you have a page, and you have your profile, getting your website designer to create double LinkedIn icons at the bottom of your websites. So that, that you can have a link to your page, as well as a link to your profile would be something that you would want to do, you know, making sure that you have, you know, all the regular share buttons and things that are there. And encouraging people, you know, the forums for the page, especially since it's really hard to get followers, you know, maybe in Korea having a place in the About Us section where you encourage people, if you're going to be active using your LinkedIn page, and posting and doing that, to follow your company page, as well as you know, connect with you. If you have multiple staff for your company, and you have a BIOS page, making sure you put a LinkedIn logo and link to their profile so that they in encouraging people to connect or follow depending on which which of those things that you're wanting to do. So there's lots of ways that you can tie your LinkedIn profile, your company

page, your group, your activity to your website. Just be mindful. Now actually, one one little tip here little thing to show you is a little tool that a lot of people are not aware of that is tied to your website and where people especially if you're building your own website, or you're not really sophisticated with your website you may not be aware of is that there's this tool called the LinkedIn post acts inspector. So if I go to Macy, I'm gonna go to whoops go to LinkedIn ninja. Nice page I'm gonna go to the blog to demonstrate this is that a lot of times, especially people who are doing their own

Unknown Speaker 1:33:52
their own blog

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:33:54
that you they don't understand, especially for WordPress, that if you don't be on the back end, you need to program the image you need to program. Me see I'm going to go open this up. And I'm going to go into the backend of my WordPress just to demonstrate this because this is kind of actually if you're going to be posting and sharing links to blog articles and things like that is kind of a big deal that people are not sophisticated enough to you know to do so when you're on the back end of your WordPress one and this may be different depending on what SEO plugin you're using and everything but there's this by default. There's this excerpt that WordPress has but if you're using me see you're looking for I have somebody who does this for me And we're using a different area, Vance misir. General, here Edit snippet. So you can pre program in what the snippet is, you know, by default, usually it will pull in, in any SEO, you know, I'm using, I use rankmath. But I've used all in one, Yoast is another one, WordPress, SEO, plugins, they all have the ability for you to change from an SEO standpoint, what the title of the post is, and the the description part of the post so that you can customize that for SEO differently than what the actual say title would be if you wanted to set that up. But then the other thing too, is making sure that we see you have a featured image set up or an image in the actual put at the top of the actual post itself, depending on what you're what you're doing. Because then what you want to do, and if you're not sure. Or if you post the link to your to your blog, in LinkedIn, as opposed. So let me see, I'm gonna go here. And if I wanted to post my blog article, I typed that in and I hit enter, you see, it's loading the preview. So it's looking what it does. When any social does this, it's looking back at that back end stuff of the page, the link, and it's going to pull in if you wanted the picture. Oops, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, let me see here. Ah, wait, go back here. So the post was loading the preview. Now here, it pulls in, this pulls in the title, the the, you know, the list and the in the image, it does this by looking back at the actual page and what you programmed on the back end of this. So if you didn't like what got pulled in, and you went in, and he said, Oh, I forgot an image. So pretend there was an image here and I went in, and I edited it, and I added the image and then I pasted the link again, it wouldn't, it won't automatically show the changes right away. Because the cache of a link in LinkedIn can last up to seven days, it's not cleared out immediately within LinkedIn. And so the only way to do that is to leverage this little LinkedIn post inspector, one the smart thing to do if you're just getting started, and you're not sure is to first pasting your link and just click on Inspect before you actually even post it. And that this is whether you're using it as opposed or you're sending the link in the messages because it will pull in the preview in the messages as well. And it's going to show you what it sees. So URL a few seconds ago, fetch the URL, the canonical, you know, redirect, it's going to show you all of that information. And it's like, oh, okay, that's how to search LinkedIn for prospects in any age range. Okay, yes, that looks right. That's what I wanted. But so if I were, if I shared the link before, and I went and edited it, because it was bad and ugly. And I wanted to clear out LinkedIn cache, so that it will pull in the right thing, you need to come in and use a LinkedIn post inspector, because once you put in the link again, and you tell it to inspect, it clears out the cache and LinkedIn of the old version, and will now pull in the regular one. And then now you would be able to go in and post the link in as a post, and it pull in what it was supposed to pull in. Now one other thing to keep in mind here that I've noticed, especially if you're sharing the link via message a lot, maybe you're maybe it's

a blog article, you want to descend to multiple connections via LinkedIn message, and you change it, it will change it going forward, you know, or say if you use the same link, you have maybe a standard landing page, maybe like LinkedIn, if I had that, but I changed the information every single time that I did a new webinar, instead of creating individual landing pages, every it will change the link everywhere on LinkedIn. So say somebody that I had sent that link to six months ago, were to go back to that message and click on it, but I've changed what's on the page. It's going to update that that the preview and everything to to change to it. But to make sure that if you if you especially if you put time and effort into a really good blog post or a landing page or something that you want to share on LinkedIn and you want to make sure it looks pretty and it's going to look the way you want it to look. Use the LinkedIn post inspector for just to double check it, or you can use it to correct it. So if you put the link in and it didn't pull in, when you got just one of those, like you got no image or something like Oh, and that's what reminded you, I didn't do that I need to go back and do that, in order to fix it for your post immediately and not have to wait. You can't once you've adjusted your website, you can come back in, use LinkedIn post inspector to clear out the cache and pull in the new the new and improved preview for that. And then you'd be able to go into LinkedIn and post it and have it look nice and pretty. So

wait, what happened? Am I gone? What the heck? Yeah. Okay. Honestly, I look like I was like, wait a minute, did I stop sharing my screen? Yeah, that heart attack. And I've been talking for like, 15 minutes, and I'm not even in the Zoom anymore. So. Okay, so let me see here. Media. Is it? Okay, going back to some comments here. When you say media, is it were you talking about the Services page? Lauren? Yeah, where you can put in the media? Yeah, you can upload or use the link, right? Yeah. So they gave you the option, an image, a video or a link where the three options Great. Just to make sure. Okay, so without notifications, what does follow do follow simply means that their content will be put into your newsfeed based on the amount of interest you've demonstrated on the outside still goes through the algorithm. When you follow someone right away, they'll still show you their contents, because you just said you wanted to follow them, anyone to see what they have to offer. If they show you multiple things, and you don't engage with it at any point, they'll stop showing it to you in your own personal newsfeed. So that's basically follow is just a way for you to see the posts of the person without fully connecting to them. And so for people to also you still are limited to 330 1000 connections. And once you reach that point, people can only follow you or you would need to disconnect with someone to connect with somebody else for that. So. So I think that was all the questions that were submitted. To begin with. Do we have

Unknown Speaker 1:43:00
more? Questions? Glenn stops share here, Eli, Doug, Katherine. Any other questions that come up?

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:43:22
If not, then we'll go ahead. And we go until till we're done with with stuff to talk about. So if there's anything else you want to talk about, let me know.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:34
I do have a question crystal here when you have, like so you're, you're obviously in here all the time and playing around with the features and functions and sort of seems like some of these are things use trip on at the same time. Is there any sort of resource that you plug into to see where these things I mean, besides us, obviously, being able to catch up with you and know where these things are just LinkedIn kind of post when they're going to make changes? Or like how does that work?

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:44:04
Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. So that's where my other LinkedIn expert brain trust comes in handy. A couple of places you can follow they do have a couple of different blogs that you can subscribe to. So just the regular you know is one of them that you can go and you can subscribe to so a lot of this comes out there. There's also they have a separate blog for on their marketing oops you You see,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:10
and I assume they're probably only posting the stuff that they're happy to talk talk about, not the things like that you trip, you know the website.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:45:18
Like, yeah. Yeah, a lot of times they don't supposedly in the Help Center, there is a section of the cause says known issues, but they won't post every known issue because there are some that they just don't want you to know about. You know, if you get super techy, if you really want to get into things like how does the Oh, I know it's engineering. How does the algorithm work, they have a whole blog that gets into really techie stuff, like their AI, their engineering blog, this is where you can find actually, if you know what your know what to look for, where in you can least read between the lines enough, you can get a lot of the insight into the the how and that. So improving post search, this is one that they put out a while ago, which their post search really sucked. But I guess they're they're working on making that that better, you can get into some of the details. This is the one where like, a lot of the hidden stuff is but you got to go through a lot of technobabble to get the gyms a lot of times, and here is where you're going to find some of it. You know, just some of the law, the other like tech news, you know, you can set up a Google Alert. Yeah, I get some of it there. But like TechCrunch, and you know, a lot of the they're usually on top of a lot of the changes.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
And they'll probably be more likely to report something that's different or, or not great. Or

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:46:55
said, That's yeah, that's significant. They won't always find a lot of little things like a lot of the little things do, there's hundreds of beta tests being run at any given time on little things. Excuse me on LinkedIn. And that's why it's actually funny, a lot of times when I go to do training, I'll be training on something and saying well, and then you click here, and I look like oh, it's not there. So a lot of times there will be little beta test running and doesn't necessarily mean that that change is going to be permanent. And I've been parts of those to where they they've made an adjustment. Like say like for me right now one of the things that I really, that's really bugging me, because now they have the new analytics, which I didn't talk about those, but they did do some updates to the the post analytics recently, it's been a little while we can get but used to be I really love that I could click on that link. And it actually took me to my post and activity feed. It doesn't now it takes me to the analytics. So now if I want to go see my posts, you actually have to go up in the navigation and go to your posts and activity. But there is also this post analytics that's available to everybody. And you can play around with it. And I'm sure if you're familiar if you've seen this yet might as well go ahead and but impressions or engagements, which would be you know, reactions, and that you can go up to 365 days. So instead of, you know, top engagement, but also to so this is just your posts in general, if I were to go into my posts activity, are you familiar with this? Catherine, they don't want to this new analytics. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:48:39
haven't really gone too deep into that. myself. I have a couple of I've two company pages and my individual page, but I haven't really I'm not like a super user. I'm sort of feeling like a novice at all this right now.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:48:51
Yeah, no, no. Well, so they've had really good analytics for posts for the pages for a while. So now these are so this isn't the individual posts analytics for this one post that I did. So here's a 1741 impressions. So you're my reactions, my comments. So you can come in and you can do a deep dive if you get some really good. And then also the job titles, just the people who saw, you know, that specific post. You can dig in a little bit and see even like so reactions, what the reactions were in terms of presidents so you can play around with these a little bit for just your regular your regular posts. So it's kind of can can be a little fun if you get you know, you want to take a look. And yeah, this is the type of stuff to that she kind of shows a little bit of how the algorithm works and making sure that you're connected to the right people because a lot of people don't realize that if the people you're connected to are different than The people who the post is created for, then the algorithm doesn't know, you know, you're not connected to enough people to show the post to because they're not interested in the post content. And so they, the algorithm won't show it to them. And so when people say, Well, I'm not, you know, getting a lot of engagement or a lot of views. And so one things I like to say, to to kind of determine is the does the algorithm like your posts or not, is that to look at your posts, your view count, oops, I went too far right? Back this way. Compared to, you know, after about a week, or after about a week to two weeks, you want to give it some time. So your total follower count versus your impressions, if it's less than 10%. To me, that tells me that the algorithm doesn't like your post, and it's just not showing it to anybody. You know, so you should be able to get a good, you know, if your post as well, you're usually looking at like 25% impressions, versus your total follower count. If it doesn't do good, you know, like this one. To me, that means that for some reason, the algorithm really just did not like it. So playing around with that, but you can dig into the the analytics for the specific post as well as just your combined post Analytics, which was what that that first, that first one was, you know, because people were used to buy, when actually I do I own two different external post analytics, software, analytics and shield that I pay extra for, because the analytics sucked so much for the posts. So what LinkedIn is trying to do is to say, well, you don't need that now, if you know, which it still doesn't go quite as good as those. But that's just something to think about. But the analytics nerd shield shield is a separate app. It's a separate app. Yeah. I haven't been in there for a while me. That it also allows you say, to download all of your data and everything. If you wanted to see, let me see here, you do year to date, to that's the content report, but I go into my content overview. And depending on the the level, but close that out. So it pulls in it reads your data. And we'll pull in all of that. But you can also export your data into a spreadsheet, if you wanted to be able to do it, you still can't do that with LinkedIn, LinkedIn is not going to let you let you do that. But you can. So it's just it's another way to get get your data and then also be able to take it out of LinkedIn, in terms of your posts to be able to analyze, you know, it'll, you know, whether it's not an image post or a video post, or you know, you can actually tag it the type may see or I've not played around, they've made some changes, here's type, oh, here you can see so this means it's text, this an image an article, you know, so you can just dig in and do a lot more analysis your own individual analysis with their data than you can with regular LinkedIn. So for those who really want to get into it so anything else Catherine

Unknown Speaker 1:53:56
No, that was a great tour through here.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:53:58
Okay, awesome. How about anybody else? This left?

Unknown Speaker 1:54:03
Um, is it do you use you use Sales Navigator? I do. Hospital to use it like as a way to target unless the script is not even funny question to ask but the target people that you know No, it's I feel like there's two ways to use LinkedIn this LinkedIn to that you you just you just make a search for tons of people and you filter out who you like. And then those people who you build relationships with a new more one on one you use.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:54:37
So what you can

Unknown Speaker 1:54:38
do, yeah, but

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:54:40
yeah, what you what you can do to get them the thing was Sales Navigator is that allows you to build your own customer lists. So what you can do is you can create if you want to say a custom list of like key connections, you can save what what Sales Navigator you can save people you're not connected to as leads and be able to follow them See their posts, activity and everything. But you can also save because now you can have up to 10,000 Saved leads in Sales Navigator. So you can save your, your your targeted first degree connections and you can create lists for them so that you'd be able then to me, this was just a list I was playing around with. If you wanted to be able to go in and see, you know, to easily message them through Sales Navigator and keep track of that, because what's really kind of cool with Sales Navigator with the profiles actually may go ahead and when you send

Unknown Speaker 1:55:40
a message to Sales Navigator, this can be licensed come from Sales Navigator, do they

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:55:45
know maybe they have no idea? It goes into their regular LinkedIn. But it what LinkedIn does with Sales Navigator on their profile? Is it keeps track of well, actually, this is some fairly newer stuff to with this this whole timeline. But the messages are connected directly. You can add notes to them. If you wanted to. You can treat it. CRM, yes. And the messages are tight. If I click on this message, it's going to open up Wait where's where the message history go? It will open up the message history. They moved it. They've just been they've been working actually on revamping this as well, you may see here used to be the message. I wonder if this changed messed up the message history. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:56:47
if I go to messaging, you can see the messages.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 1:56:50
Yeah. But normally they're connected to the what's been a benefit as they are connected directly to the profile like much like a CRM that you didn't have to go into your box to see that I wonder if this change broke those to some extent. I wonder? So let me see here. Just open up somebody that's been a more recent.

Okay, I wonder actually looking at hers. Oh, actually the implications of that. If I were to go back to Julie, here, just a minute. So, okay, so this is this is okay, this is actually a good implication. So while I can't see the message, there's no message history with Julie in here, because these messages went through regular LinkedIn. But what it's showing me is that there is a LinkedIn message. So I can go into regular LinkedIn and look for the message from Julie, I can't see the message here. Whereas for Penny, because the message I sent to her, I can open up and I've got the history, the Sales Navigator, message history is tied here. For the first time actually, this I'm really excited about this, it's actually telling you telling me, hey, you've had messages with Julie in regular LinkedIn Oh, so I can come into regular LinkedIn, then, and let me go by go into to find them, I still got to go looking for them. So if I come into the messaging app and regular LinkedIn, and then just search for Julie Goddard, because it's not going to be connected. I can find it that way. It's not going to be connected to her profile the way it is in Sales Navigator. But so that's why if you're using Sales Navigator, you want to try to do as much of the messaging as possible within Sales Navigator because it is connected here on the profile. But the other benefit is that when you say and if they're first degrees, you save them as leads and sales Navigator is that you're not bound to the algorithm showing you their posts. So let me let this refresh here and I'll show you so on the homepage and Sales Navigator they have what's called an alerts feed. And so basically you can you can filter it there's if someone's saved as a lead or a company is saved as an account and they post something it is going to be here you don't have to deter it's not based on whether or not LinkedIn is decided i It's something I should see. So if I clicked on if you notice I just clicked on I only want to see leads right then I can even filter it okay, I want to see lead shares which will be their posts.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:57
I want to see support that in drills down here they call the post a share.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:00:03
Right? Right. So they're calling that. And so then if I say so this person shared a post, by click on View, it's going to slide in over here real easy for me to see what it is. And I can engage with it, I can like and comment it directly right here. So I'm not going to miss any active key activity for any of my connections, or second, anyone that I've saved as a lead or an account, I'm not going to miss that, because LinkedIn algorithm for some reason decided it's not something I wanted to see, I didn't want to see. So this is where Sales Navigator is really powerful, because it really allows you to stay dialed in to the people whose stuff you want to see and not miss anything and save you a buttload of time that you don't have to spend an hour scrolling through your news feed a couple of times a day to make sure you don't miss anything. You know, or use the you know, if you're not going to invest in Sales Navigator the only other way. And unfortunately, because of the bad actor algorithm, this can get you into trouble. One of the things you can do for your key connections, who's who you want to keep track of at least to get started, like, are they posting something I want to make sure I don't miss anything. You can leverage your browser bookmarks bar to create folders, and you can bookmark their posts page. So that so for example, if I click on so this is a prospect list, I believe I bookmarked specifically the posts tab on their activity page to be able to quickly go through and see oh, have they posted anything recently, you'd be able to do that or do the same thing with so like four centers of influence in here is it active. So if I wanted to go and check out some centers of influence, so that I could comment on their pay their posts, because they're connected to my same target market, I can click on that it takes me straight to their posts to be able to see what they posted. So I can quickly engage. But again, if you're if I were to then save them in Sales Navigator, instead, I have this alerts list, I don't have to worry about about that, you know, I can check that a little bit more frequently. And also to you can bookmark some of the alerts as well. So for example, if I wanted to bookmark this post to be able to go back to it, I can do that. So like say I'm scrolling through and I see, oh, I want to be able to get back to that I can bookmark it. And then I can go into my bookmarked alerts and get back to that. Okay, let me see them that post and, you know, I can go back and comment on it when I have more time. So there's lots of little tricks that you can use for Sales Navigator.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:01
Because on LinkedIn, a joint you want to find a certain post from like two weeks ago it I find it as opposed to, oh, I want to see a post to step posted. But he has like, goes and goes through the other stuff. Or even let's say a year ago, or whatever it is. It's very hard to go back and LinkedIn and see past. Yeah,

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:03:22
yeah. So if you now you can't I mean, I will encourage you say for example, if you're, you see somebody whose posts is a good post that maybe has that you want to reference, you can save individual posts. So if you click on the three dots, actually wait, wait, where Wait, did they

Unknown Speaker 2:03:44
came up? Yeah. Did

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:03:45
they change? Oh, wait, no, it's came up. I

Unknown Speaker 2:03:48
don't have to save? Yeah. Okay.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:03:52
So you can click on Save. And then here on your homepage, they here's my items. Oh, I see. You can go to let me see. Let me go back up here. So my items by click on that saved posts. You can go go in and save. Like a lot of times to like if I see like Richard vanderbloemen is another really great LinkedIn expert that he actually does a lot of the research and independent he invests a lot of time in research regarding what works well with posts in the like. And he releases that right now once a full research once a year, which provides us a lot of insight. He's been I think adding some extras because the algorithm has been changing a bit more frequently. But any posts that you want to save when you see them, you can go ahead and save them there as well. So it's just Sales Navigator if you're doing any hunting, you know it is obviously extremely powerful, these lead filters and the account filters that they have for you to really zero when and run a search for the right people powerful. But you can also use it for what you said, Eli and staying on top of your existing connections that you want to you want to stay on top of very easily. You know, without, you know, the only you can there, there are a few, well, a handful of CRMs that LinkedIn will integrate with. But you also have to be Sales Navigator and actually the higher level Sales Navigator in order to sync those together. So you're paying for Sales Navigator regardless, if you're wanting to say leverage that into a regular CRM, you would need to do that anyways, so it you know it to me, it's it's powerful. The only other work around, like I said, is to leverage your browser, create these bookmark folders, and bookmark your key people that you want to keep track of in there. But the thing is, is that the bad algo the bad actor algorithm is trying to keep people from using automation software for both the inviting to connect and messaging of people, but also to the new thing that the gamification of posts when you were using what are known as pods, which are where people, there can be organic pods, which in my opinion, are not necessarily bad. And then inorganic pods where people are paying to comment to be part of a group where they all go and comment on each other's posts. But there's external software that's being leveraged for that. And so yeah, so what what they saw what LinkedIn is able to do, and this is where the bookmarking can get in trouble is that the software, so say, I went and I created me go back here, go back to my posts, here. So I created this post yesterday, the way the thought that those pod software's work is I would come and I would get the link, copy the link to my post, and then I go into this external software, you know, where, where I would share it, or it could be something as simple as, say, like WhatsApp or one of those other communication software's that people would then click on the link in this external software, and they're gonna go straight to my post, and then they're going to comment on it. Well, LinkedIn can see these all these people are clicking on a link from outside LinkedIn, into this post, and commenting on it. And so they they did not find it organically. So they are gaming the system. And so then they'll start to penalize your post.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:55
But if you but if you do it from from a digital pod and LinkedIn messaging, that's all right.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:08:00
Well, if you do it from within LinkedIn, so like, so say, you did the same. And this is where you can get into trouble innocently, like say, You created your post like this, and you wanted people to do it, and you went into your email, and you copy the link, and you put in an email and your email 25 people saying, Hey, here's my post going, you know, I'd love for you to comment on it, they're gonna click on it from outside LinkedIn to do it. So what would be better, because LinkedIn wants everything to happen in LinkedIn and be to be done organically would be then to leverage. This is where you'd want to instead leverage oops, let me go back to the faster way to do it, then to to use the Send, maybe creates, like, for my my LinkedIn experts, you can create actually a group chat of people, you know, and you can send it that way. But I'm not going to do that I'm going to close it without without doing that. So message if you're going to send it to people like that, use LinkedIn zone messaging system. So that way, they're clicking on it within LinkedIn. And that's organic, versus them thinking you're using one of these pod or posting parties and sometimes how they're referred to where people pay to be part of this group. And they all get on at 11am. And everyone posts the link to their posts. And then everyone goes in and they all they click on the links of everybody who's there and they all go and comment on each other's posts. That's the stuff LinkedIn is trying to shutdown in the South. Where do you find this out?

Unknown Speaker 2:09:35
How did you find this? I tell you, I know whenever I had a I belong. I know somebody I don't. I'm not activated, but I know somebody who has this, who has a LinkedIn course and he has a Facebook group that goes on every day to post on LinkedIn. Yeah, I know, you know, who's supposed to be guest experts and they haven't brought it up.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:09:57
Oh, okay. I'm just really kind of crazy. See that way I just fit well, in I just I'm always keeping my eye out and I get hit up by like one.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:06
It's like sneaky. They don't tell you that they're penalizing you.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:10:09
No, they won't. They will not tell you that they're penalizing nets were paying attention to your post views are gonna let you know. But they do

Unknown Speaker 2:10:20
what the I don't think I don't sound like LinkedIn gives you the option to share somebody else's post on Twitter to be tweet somebody. But when you when you're sharing someone else's post, you know you want to make a shout out to him or something it LinkedIn algorithm will not will not read it, it will be lousy

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:10:40
resharing post does not help. And actually there was some as a few months back, one of the LinkedIn executives actually created a post about asking why people weren't resharing more and a bunch of other LinkedIn experts got in, and even non LinkedIn experts were saying the same thing to him. Well, we don't do that, because the posts don't go anywhere, right? We don't get any visibility. So why would we want to and so we're kind of hoping that that might fit, you know, in LinkedIn still, if you comment on somebody's posts, Now sometimes you'll get a little pop up that says, Hey, turn your comment into reshoot a post and it's like no don't do that you know you're gonna get actually you will get yourself more visibility by commenting on the person's posts and your comment will go into your the newsfeed and into more of your connections news feeds just by commenting versus you re sharing the post

Unknown Speaker 2:11:40
so it's like a glitch in their own software or something

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:11:43
it's not really a glitch. I won't call it a

Unknown Speaker 2:11:46
contradictory here that's contradictory penalize each week of the month

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:11:52
right? They will say in their in their according to their research and what they will say in part of why they're doing this with these new images is that they they've been trying to encourage people to use images and they say images get two times more engagement yet I have seen in other experts have seen unless one it's a really great image that add that that the image itself could almost stand alone adding an image to good post can actually kill the post like I know another LinkedIn expert who demonstrated that on posts that were text only he was getting in these were actually company page he's the one expert on company page posting that and and I just blanked on his name

Unknown Speaker 2:12:40
because you're encouraging text only posts text video and

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:12:45
yes but now though this with with this with the links in you know and right now I would say go ahead and use this because then you should be getting you know some some boost because it's a new feature and LinkedIn wants to see it much like the polls if you remember when polls first Yeah, I would encourage this but in the past like if I've just added an image unless it was like a really really catchy image the posting go as far as if I posted about something fairly similar with just just text. So it's hard to know and so the other thing too Oh, I know when one one thing I forgot to mention was this this was another new thing is that Where did I see that? And this is I think this is a mobile only thing is well if I may hide these little controls to be able to get to it if you go into mobile you see or go back to my profile to get to let me see here it's my activity and if I were to go to an older post I'm gonna go back to it oh wait I'm an activity wait I don't need to go into the posts. That's why I'm getting that extra stuff you see here

Unknown Speaker 2:14:28
Wait, where did that go? Well, oh, you just opened it was

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:14:33
an option to wonder if it has to be a certain

Unknown Speaker 2:14:44
unable to read post

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:14:46
to read reshare a post

Unknown Speaker 2:14:49
was that on desktop?

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:14:51
Is it on desktop? I was for some reason I was thinking to repost but yeah. That's a newer that's a newer thing that came out that I forgot to put in the list.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:03
Um it's also on the bottom of the post.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:15:11
To share Yeah. Okay, okay. They've always had the share there. But this concept of reposting

Unknown Speaker 2:15:21
posting, I know that that's supposed to get you more traction. But really, they say

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:15:25
it is. And I do know another link to before they actually said this as part of it, that she actually did have success reposting the same one at different times, especially if it didn't get really good traction the first time around. I've not played around with it myself, as much. But it'd be interesting. That's kind of an interesting thing. Actually. Well, I just posted something. So I'm not going to go ahead and do it. Even though it's a turkey bolts be interesting. See how much traction does a turkey vulture? Yeah. It's got one leg so

Unknown Speaker 2:16:02
far. Yeah. It's not gonna be so great, because there's a picture over, but he has the has

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:16:08
an interesting look at how I wonder if this is tied to the size of the image. And because I use my phone, which is really linked to. So this, this was the example I did earlier,

Unknown Speaker 2:16:23
was linked to what is the link

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:16:25
actually put to just my website, but look at how small

Unknown Speaker 2:16:30
maybe blinks and doesn't like it when you're making the length off LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:16:34
Well, that's what we're saying though. I'm, we're thinking that this should not penalize it. But what I'm saying is that because this image, because I use my phone, when it's, you know, which has really high resolutions are really high resolution image. See how tiny, the, the link boxes? Uh huh. compared to if we look at what I did last night, see how big the link boxes. Yeah. So what that is suggesting, then is that if you're using because I just picked an image off of my phone that I took with high resolution, you know, because my, my Samsung, you know, Gs 22, is got such high resolution, and I didn't adjust it, that if you're using these features, both the link box, as well as the text, like look how tiny the text guys with a really high resolution photo, they're going to get smaller, that the adjustment of it is tied to the resolution of the image. So you're going to want to be smart with picking an image that's not super HD resolution for using these features, because you can't even read. You know what this says, because it got so small, because the resolution of the image that I use was so big, well, you know what I mean? Yep. Whereas if we look at that here, it's really, really big. And that's what you want. So, so the size of these buttons, and the text on the images is tied to the size, the resolution of the image that they're going on top of. So just to be cognizant of that. So what you would want to do if you are using an image you took with your mobile phone is then go in and edit the image to decrease the resolution before you would use it on LinkedIn. If you wanted to make sure your buttons in this text that you add in LinkedIn to overlay it is bigger and stands out more. Does that make sense? Yeah. Thank you. Sure. No problem. Any other last question before we we wrap things up? So you guys got all quiet. We almost wrapped up in was over a half an hour ago. Doug, did you have anything? Are you there?

Unknown Speaker 2:19:07
I'm afraid I have to leave.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:19:08
Okay. Thanks, Catherine. Thanks, Doug. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:13
Thanks, Crystal.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:19:14
No problem, um, the video, the recording will probably go out either late Monday or first thing Tuesday because we cleaned it up and get it set up. So it will be coming out for you to revisit and we also add a transcript for it, too. So you'll be welcome to go back and revisit some of the stuff that we've talked about.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:37
That's great. Thanks so much.

LinkedIn Ninja Crystal Thies 2:19:38
No problem. Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks you too.