LinkedIn Ninja is proud to announce our partnership with AdvisorStream!

AdvisorStream is the FIRST - and currently only - Financial Advisor content service that I endorse. If the content you're sharing or that is on your website has copyright notices telling the world that you didn't write or create it, then those copyrights should come from media sources people know and trust; not someone they've never heard of. If you're not identified as the expert providing the information, then you need a recognizable expert as the source. 

Research tells us that affluent investors WANT to see trending financial news from their financial advisors via social media. If you're not including this type of news in your content sharing, you're missing a HUGE opportunity.

What is AdvisorStream?

In the LinkedIn Ninja's words:

AdvisorStream provides a method to schedule - and even automate - the social sharing of current, relevant content from top media providers - some financial and some not - that goes through a 3 level compliance review process. Better yet, the links to these media articles are NOT taking your viewers to the publishers' websites that are filled with ads (potentially from your competitors), but to YOUR BRANDED landing page. This branded landing page encourages - but does not require - your viewers to register to receive your curated content via email providing you with tangible leads. Further, the AdvisorStream system allows you to also share this same type of content via email - with your own custom message or introduction - as well as embed it into your website providing dynamic content. The platform can be fully integrated with your compliance department to ensure proper oversight and all content is archived for regulatory review.

Why I love it...

Believe it or not, I was actually in the process of trying to develop my own service to provide compliant, automated social sharing of media content when AdvisorStream launched. What I was trying to create was only a small slice of what AdvisorStream has to offer, so I stopped then and there and watched closely how AdvisorStream progressed. We have been working together for about the past year and I'm excited about the strides they have made in improving the platform and their plans for future capabilities.

I love that instead of going to an ad-filled site subject to the media providers' pop ups, you send people to an ad-free page with your branding and information. People see your smiling face and logo as the provider of this content without the rest of the distractions and mess they would see on the publisher's own site.

I love that you have the ability to capture leads and add people to your email list and that it's an encouragement and not a requirement to read the article. Unlike other curated content providers, by not REQUIRING people to register to read content that is readily available elsewhere on the internet, you will not be irritating potential clients who will remember you as the financial advisor that required them to give their personal information to read a simple Forbes article. 

I love that before the articles that are added to their library go through the manual (i.e. real person), three level compliance review, that AdvisorStream STARTS with the articles that are the most opened, read, and shared from those publishers. They are identifying articles that people have already proven they want to read, so that increases the likelihood that the people who see your content will want to read and engage with it.

I love that it provides the ability to automate some of your social sharing. Let's face gets hectic and we may not always have the time to read articles and share the ones we like. When that happens, we disappear from our social networks. With AdvisorStream, you can specify what categories from which you would want to share articles. More importantly, you can specify what categories from which you absolutely DON'T want to share articles. You can specify from which publications you would want this automated content to be selected. You can share automated content 3 times per day (or less if you want) and you can specify which of your social accounts would share it. This provides a baseline of social sharing activity that you can count on to keep you visible to your networks.

I love AdvisorStream's commitment to compliance and making the life of the Compliance Officer as easy as possible. Their built in compliance approval workflows allow Compliance Officers to review things once and apply that approval to all of their advisors using the platform. They've even built in the ability to crowd source compliance approval. They can access and see what articles other compliance officers from other broker-dealers have already reviewed and approved and make those articles available to their own advisors being selective as to which B-D's compliance departments they trust. 

Lastly, I love that there are no contracts or long term commitments and they have plan levels that allow you to start small. Additionally, I love that you can be sharing the content socially and via email. Email is still the way most people share content and I know that email marketing is as much a challenge for many advisors as social media. AdvisorStream provides a solution for both in one platform.

So, How Does this Partnership Help You?

AdvisorStream has generously offered a $10-$20 per month ongoing discount to LinkedIn Ninja clients and followers!

AdvisorStream Pricing

AdvisorStream Pricing

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LinkedIn Ninja Pricing

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