LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Friday

LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays

Do you ever wish that you could just get some questions about LinkedIn answered? Or a quick tutorial? That you didn't have to sit through a long training program just to try and find one or two nuggets of information you need right now? That you could receive practical strategic advice about what really works and doesn't work in LinkedIn?

Then you need LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays!

LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays are monthly dynamic training sessions that happen the mornings of the 3rd Friday every month. The content of these sessions is driven by the questions and chosen topics of the attendees. I teach what you want to learn! 

No question is too basic.

These sessions are for EVERY level - Beginner to Advanced. I'll answer the questions starting with the beginner level content and move into the more advanced. 

If things get too over your head, you can duck out or hang in there and listen to understand the capabilities of what you can do when you're ready. If you only need advanced content, you can pop in a little bit later.

Take the information you need right now, implement it over the next four weeks and come back for what you need next. Because the questions will be different, every session will be different. Better yet, you're GUARANTEED to get the answers to your most pressing questions

3rd Fridays happen EVERY 3rd Friday and you can attend in person in my Covington, KY, office or virtually via Zoom.

I've booked 3 hours (9:00 a.m. to noon Eastern), but will last as long as there are questions until noon.

Space is limited. There currently are 65 in person spots and 100 virtual spots available.

The cost for these sessions is $25 (yes, $25 for 3 hours and a guarantee to get your question answered). I want these sessions to be accessible for all. Stay as long or as short as you'd like.

Those who attend at least an hour of the session will get access to the recording to be able to go back and revisit answers to the questions they need. Participaction is a key element to these sessions, so recordings are not available to those who do not attend.

Upcoming Dates for 2018:

February 16 - March 16 - April 20 - May 18 - June 15

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Can't make the current 3rd Friday? We'll notify you of future events.