How to Message LinkedIn Group Members You’re Not Connected To

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Oct 26

Several months ago, many people thought that LinkedIn took away the ability to message group members they weren’t connected to. They didn’t take it away, they just made it harder. Instead of launching messages to group members from a search list or the person’s profile, you now have to go into the group that you share with that person to launch the message. The following video demonstrates how to send a message to a LinkedIn group member you’re not connected to.


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Crystal Thies has been known as the LinkedIn Ninja since founding her company, Crystal Clear Buzz, in 2009. Although well versed and experienced in all social media, Crystal specializes in the utilization of LinkedIn for sales and business development. As a past financial planner, Crystal is one of the few social media strategists with expertise to work with those regulated by FINRA, the SEC, and IIROC. She is the co-author of “The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors” published by Bloomberg Press.

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Donovan July 10, 2015

They limited it to 15 a month now though didn’t they?

Ian Legate December 8, 2011

Thank you LI Ninja

Carole October 27, 2011

Great Article- Thanks Crystal

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