How Likely are You to get Leads with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a powerful but complex tool. It is only when you position yourself appropriately and consistently implement the most valuable activities that you will create the openings that lead to new clients and increased revenue. Click the button to learn where you stand and what you need to do to get leads on LinkedIn.

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

Helping Professionals & Companies Attract More Ideal Clients through More Compelling Value, Referrals, and Introductions

Crystal is the most knowledgeable person I know with respect to LinkedIn. She stays on top of all the changes and features, always with an eye for producing tangible results. I highly recommend her training and coaching.



Precision, Efficiency, Effectiveness

LinkedIn can be a highly effective lead generation tool when focusing on quality and playing a long game. The LinkedIn Ninja methodology is ideal for those sales professionals and companies who:

Must build relationships and trust before converting a client; not sell a $50 widget

Understand that the role of LinkedIn is to source potential clients; not convert them

Are not expecting a magic funnel to deliver leads 100% ready to buy with no effort

 With that in mind...the LinkedIn Ninja can: 

  • Train you to implement your own LinkedIn Lead Generation & Content strategies
  • Create a custom LinkedIn Treasure Map to implement yourself
  • Provide a Concierge, “Done for You” LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

Lewis Kaplan

Commercial Real Estate Broker 

Crystal provides the framework and the steps to use the tool every day, and I have experienced outstanding results from her wisdom. Thanks to her and her process, I'm happy to say I finally know how to make money using LinkedIn: by helping people get what they want

Not sure which option is best for you? 

Have a personal conversation with the LinkedIn Ninja to figure it out

Can you make money in this situation?

Imagine you’re standing in a room. There are 40-80 people who meet your target market criteria who are asked to come into your room. They are told who you are and what you do – and they agree to come into your room. They have not indicated any interest in buying what you have to offer. Can you make money in that room? A successful LinkedIn lead generation system creates that room for you every month.

The power of LinkedIn is the ability to find, get connected to, and open a conversation with people who meet your perfect prospect criteria (based on what can be identified in a LinkedIn profile). Once you get connected to or introduced to that prospect, you have the ability to cultivate the fledgling relationship to build rapport and trust until it’s appropriate to investigate a business relationship a little deeper.

Where people go wrong on LinkedIn...

They assume that just because someone connected with them that the connection wants to buy what the salesperson has to offer and is open to a blatant sales pitch as soon as they connect.

They assume that if the new prospect connection doesn’t want to immediately have a conversation to learn about your products or services, that they aren’t a valuable connection.

They believe that they’re more likely to have success by inviting as many people to connect as possible who meet the broadest criteria of their target market and that there is no downside to this quantity-focused approach.

Kimberlee Vollbrech

President, V2 Strategies

Crystal is the guru for business people who want to build more meaningful and profitable connections on LinkedIn. If you follow the steps, you’ll quickly see a difference in how new connections perceive you, how current connections engage with your activity, and the quality of new connections you’re able to make. As a result, you’ll quickly move from “having a presence” on LinkedIn to growing your business with LinkedIn.


Take advantage of my FREE LinkedIn Ninja Baby Steps to LinkedIn Success Guide to help you identify the key tactics to success that can be done in 15-20 minutes per day.

Should you automate your LinkedIn activity?

LinkedIn Automation

I know how tempting it is to use inexpensive LinkedIn automation software tools like Dux Soup, LinkedHelper, MeetAlfred, Seamless.AI, Social Pilot, etc. Theoretically, these types of LinkedIn automation tools could save you so much time. Unfortunately, most people use them to indiscriminately spam people rather than as a mechanism to implement a highly targeted LinkedIn strategy.

Because of that, LinkedIn has made it against their Terms of Service to use such automation tools. They are also actively shutting down anyone they suspect of using these tools to manage their own accounts. There is great risk in using any of these LinkedIn Automation Tools.

Double Whammy! It is also against LinkedIn’s Terms of Service to allow someone else to log into your LinkedIn account. If you utilize a LinkedIn lead generation service that also includes automation, then you are breaking their Terms of Service twice putting you at even greater risk. Services such as Cleverly, LinkedIn Lead Ninja (not affiliated with LinkedIn Ninja), and B2B Insiders, must access your account AND use automation tools.

While they claim there isn’t a risk in using their services, there is always a risk. If you lost your LinkedIn account after accumulating thousands of connections, how much damage would that do to your business? Especially since you’re not allowed to rejoin LinkedIn if you’ve been kicked out.

What if you could get a CONCIERGE, AUTOMATION-FREE, HYPER-COMPELLING LinkedIn Lead Generation service for LESS than the cost of a cookie-cutter, risky, automated LinkedIn Lead Generation service?

meet crystal thies

I'm The LinkedIn Ninja!

My clients, followers, and the universe dubbed me The LinkedIn Ninja back in 2010. While it’s not a title I would have ever picked for myself, it does represent the approach that I take with LinkedIn – Precision, Efficiency, Effectiveness.

linkedin ninja

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LinkedIn Training

From the flagship LinkedIn Ninja Dojo membership that combines live training with on-demand training to custom LinkedIn speaking / training events for corporations and associations to our Padawan Program for Beginners, the LinkedIn Ninja can develop the training program that you need to successfully leverage LinkedIn for sales and business development no matter the level of expertise.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We can help with 2 situations: you’ve been struggling with LinkedIn and don’t know what you’re doing wrong or want to start and get up to speed fast. Whether you want to implement your strategy completely on your own or you’re looking for a partner to implement it for you, we have a solution that will get you visible to, connecting to, and opening conversations with your perfect prospects.

LinkedIn Treasure Maps

The LinkedIn Ninja will create FOR YOU a hyper-specific LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy that will get you connected to perfect prospects and opening sales conversations. You get 1:1 training on how your strategy works. You can then do it yourself OR work with the NinjaBee team who will save you time by implementing the LinkedIn Lead Generation strategy for you.

Speaking & Conferences

When the LinkedIn Ninja speaks, it’s standing room only. When you need to get in front of a large number of sales pros or financial advsiors, her practical, ROI-producing strategies, pull them out of the woodwork. Additionally, she works with in-house sales teams to create LinkedIn strategies and LinkedIn training that will ensure your team members have success with LinkedIn.

What people say about me.

Scott Marker

NIA Franchise Owner | Referral Expert | Speaker | Author

Crystal Thies’s Baby Steps training is resource-rich, covering a lot of content. Not only did she teach us many ways to leverage LinkedIn, but she also introduced us to tools to make it easier to participate.

Karl Sundstrom

Director of Sales, NobelBiz® | Contact Center Technology

I was a total beginner, a newbie when it came to knowing how to use and navigate LinkedIn. However, through your NINJA Training Course, I have learned how to now use LinkedIn as a great lead generation tool! I would highly recommend your services to anyone who’s interested in lead generation and staying connected to important business contacts.

John Mirlisena

Helping business owners navigate the world of corporate finance

Crystal Thies and her Linkedin Ninja Training helped me take my Linkedin marketing skills to the next level and beyond. Her training started with helping me improve both my personal and company Linkedin Pages. She then helped me develop sound strategies to target prospects which has led to many engagement opportunities and new clients. I especially enjoyed the monthly LINKEDIN THIRD FRIDAY TRAINING SESSIONS where any questions or problems are openly discussed and answered instantly. I recommend the Crystal's Linkedin Training to all marketing professionals looking to expand their online marketing skills.

Ryan Really

Helping Americans survive the financial chaos caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic and plan for a strong financial future

We are glad we selected The LinkedIn Ninja to help us bring LinkedIn to life! We “fast tracked” with the Treasure Map investment and we are now reaching out to targeted potential clients with a quality profile, messaging campaign, i.e. a LinkedIn marketing strategy. We are now in the game and not on the LinkedIn sidelines thanks to our new teammate Crystal Thies’s skillsets, products, and services.

Nancy Piatt

IPR Group Inc. Print and Promotional Items

With Crystal's expertise and extensive knowledge, I was guided in ways to gain exposure and interact with my specific target market companies that I might not ever have a chance to interact with otherwise. It's not the hard sell, it showed me how to create relationships and trust before ever talking about sales. What an amazing value this is!

Learn the key tactics to LinkedIn success

Download my guide which will take you through the steps to success on LinkedIn which can be achieved with just 15-20 minutes per day